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February 4, 2009

I was cleaning up my office inbox this morning when I chanced upon this email sent by a friend some months back. It has photos of some very familiar faces from a very famous movie we all (or I guess, most of us) loved. It’s no other than The Sound of Music (TSoM).

I still remember the day when I first saw the film at the house of Tatay’s best bud. I was just 8 years old then. And I instantly enjoyed and liked the film. (Pero wag ka, di ko masyadong naintindihan nun kasi English! Whehehe!). And up to this time, TSoM is one of my fave films. I’ve got all kinds of audio and video copies. Cassette tape (yep, I’m still in possession of those things), VHS tape (kahit wala na akong player), VCD (oops, nag-iimprove na!), DVD (oh ha, updated na ng konti) and MP3s of all songs loaded in my iPod (haven’t stolen video from the net yet, hehehe!). So, suma tutal, di ko sya talaga masyadong favorite, di ba?! LOL!

Again, Im not writing about the film. I really don’t have talent for movie review. I just wanted to share those interesting photos in my friend’s email. I bet this one is a very familiar scene.

Maria's first encounter with the Von Trapp kids

And so, for a clearer view, here’s the Von Trapp kids’ frontal shot:

(1) Charmain Carr as Leisl (2) Nicholas Hammond as Friedrich (3) Heather Menzies as Louisa (4) Duane Chase as Kurt (5) Debbie Turner as Marta (6) Angela Cartwright as Brigitta (7) Kym Karath as Little Gretl

They all looked real cute back then. And this is how they look now (more or less, I suppose, as their reunion was held some years back):

Oh, where's the debonaire Capt. Von Trapp?

... they will forever be tagged as the Von Trapp kids!

I bet this reunion was truly one heck of a moment to remember for the entire TSoM cast.

Up to this day, I couldn’t believe that Charmain Carr (Liesl) was almost 22 years old when she did the film. Her portrayal of a 16-year old daughter was way too convincing for me. Hmmm… I bet you are now trying to  recall that famous “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” scene. LOL!

Fret no more, just click here to see that sweet clip of Liesl and Ralph singing “16 Going on 17”.


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  1. February 5, 2009 1:01 am

    one of the best films ever!one of my most favorite film in the whole wide world pati sa universe.egsadyereyted na ang description ko kasi talagang favorite ko to.

    pareho tayo,may vhs copy din ako pati yung cassette tape.haha

    daming memorable songs dito: edelweiss, climb every mountain,my favorite things, how do you solve the problem like maria, do re mi, so long

    it brings back ngayon ko lang nakita ang pics nila nung lumaki na ha..nasan nga si christopher plummer aka capt von trapp?

  2. February 5, 2009 11:44 am

    naman, one of the best films ever talaga! i can watch that over and over again… walang kasawaan! hehehe! di naman tayo masyadong adik noh?! with vhs at casette tape copies pa talaga! hehehe!

    hay naku, i know all the songs by heart. gusto ko din ung lonely goatheard. ung climb every mountain at sound of music (theme song) madalas kong kantahin habang naliligo. bwahaha!

    kataka nga… wala si poging capt. von trapp eh! baka ipanahuli ni hitler nung nag-reunion sila, hehehe!

  3. snglguy permalink
    February 5, 2009 11:28 pm

    And did you know that among the 6 children who portrayed the Von Trapp kids, three went on to continue acting well into their twenties and thirties? Nicholas Hammond played the first-ever non-animated Spiderman on the big screen. Heather Menzies co-starred in the TV series Logan’s Run and Angela Cartwright still makes appearances in television and movies to this day…

  4. February 6, 2009 1:13 am

    nice! thanks for sharing. fave ko din to…super touched na touched ako nun kinanta ni Capt. Von Tapp yun Edelweiss

    pati kamo yung cartoon version nito sa ch2, pinatulan ko hahaha…naalala ko tuloy yun

    SA NGUSO NI HITLER!!! hahahahah

  5. February 6, 2009 11:51 am

    @ snglguy,
    i was expecting you’d drop some trivia here on TSoM. thanks for these new info. i didn’t know that Friedrich grew up to a superhero, LOL! am not much of a fan of Luisa’s (Menzies) and don’t know abt Logan’s Run either. but i would love to see Cartwright. I so love her recent appearances. I liked when she entered reading a book during Maria’s arrival to their house. She was actually my fave among the Von Trapp kids. I like Liesl (very beautiful face) and Little Gretl (cutie-cutie girl), too!

    @ chuvaness,
    ay peborit ko din Edelweiss! alam ko pa nga tugtugin sa banduria yan, hehehe! pero naiinlove ako palagi pag gazebo scene na nina Maria at poging-poging Capt. Von Trapp at sabay kakantahin ang “Something Good”… napapa-HAAAY na lang ako! hehehe!

  6. prinsesamusang permalink
    February 8, 2009 2:08 am

    when my friend found out i have not watched the sound of music yet, he was livid! i felt like i committed a crime. LOL. he said it was a classic. i promised i would watch it but up to now i haven’t still!

  7. February 8, 2009 10:44 am

    huwaaaat???? you havent seen the film, PM??? go and find a copy now at panoorin agad!!! im sure you will also like TSoM! hehehe!

  8. February 11, 2009 2:42 pm

    Winkie, hindi ko maalala kung nakapag comment na ba ako dito this week o hindi pa. hinahanap ko comment ko pero wala. haha mukhang tinatamaan na talaga ako ng alzheimer oo. sa dami ng blogs na nililibutan ko di ko tuyloy malaman kung san ako ngapupupunta.

    anyhow pareho tayo fan ng TSOM. hehe one of my dreams is to visit salzburg

    nasa collectors item ng DVD yung kanilang interview lahat ang ganda. napanood ko sya sa youtube. hanapin mo duon nandun yung complete extra features ng dvd including their auditon when they were still young.

    nagulat ako medyo nagiba ang hitsura ni Charmaine Carr (liezl). ang laki ng pinagbago. kras ko pa mandin ka sya sa TSOM tsaka si Baroness haha

    gandang ganda rin ako sa mukha ni Brigitta, tumaba lang nung lumaki na.

    salamat sa post na to. Madaming childhood memories na bumalik sa al-ala ko.

    PS. This week na yung elims uli sa AI haha sana matangal si tatiana del toro at si Von lee smith hahahaha

  9. February 11, 2009 2:46 pm

    Ay BTW, nasa youtube din yung life story nung tunay na Maria Von Trapp. panoorin mo kasi malayong malayo sa movies yung story at personality nung tunay na Maria hahaha. medyo maiinis ka dun sa tunay na maria. Glad that hollywood portrayed Maria in a very charming way or else this movie would flop had they patterned it to the real maria von trapp haha

  10. February 11, 2009 2:53 pm

    ei bluep, welcome back at salamat sa comments 🙂 obviously di ka pa nakapagcomment, hehehe! pero ok lang. alam ko super busy ang mega-blogista katulad mo sa paglibot sa blogosperyo, hehehe!

    oh thanks for the info, i will surely check out those videos in youtube. parang exciting makita ang audition videos nila ah!

    oo nga, i got disappointed with Charmain Carr. sobrang ganda nya dati… kras ko din cya! whehehe! and also Angela Cartwright, at least cya pretty pa rin up to now. old version lang talaga.

    i have read about the original Maria Von Trapp. and yes, far different nga from that portrayal in the movie. even her profession. she was never a nun or a governess. she was brigitta’s tutor.

    hmmm… kras mo din si baroness? kaw ha! hehehe!

    PS din: just finished watching the first Holloywood elim. oo nga, di ko din type si tatiana de toro, hehehe! wish ko pumasok sina Danny, Adam and Scott. parang mahal ko na sila! hehehe!

  11. February 13, 2009 2:26 am

    Naku Winkai, lalo kang mai-inlove sa movie na ‘yan ‘pag napuntahan mo na ang Salzburg at gawin ang “Sound of Music Tour”. Panalo! That’s 1 of my best trips by far.

  12. February 13, 2009 11:36 am

    hmmmm… i guess so too, rev! sana magdate kami ni _ _ _ _ _ _ jan sa Salzburg someday, hehehe!

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