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Wish List Update

December 24, 2008

My WISH LIST entry brought some laughs to some readers as I received mixed reactions about the things I want for Christmas.

Oh well, a day before Christmas, look what I’ve got under my tree:                                      


Yeah, those red gift bags only mean one thing… they have M&S items inside. Mommy did fulfill her promise to gift me the creme bath that I have been asking for the longest time. But I have 2 bags, right? Well, she apparently gave me something else. 



O di ba naman?! May ka-partner pa na Talcum? Was Mommy being too generous this year? 

But do you want to know the catch? Mommy asked me to pay for it for the meantime and said she’ll repay me when she gets her money. Hmmm… I wonder when would that be? I think I’m having deja vu. This same scenario happened so many times already. Di kaya, maisahan na naman ako ng nanay ko dito??? Haaay….

 Anyways, as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. But this is what I can say to Mommy… “Your credit is good, but I need CASH!!!” LOL!




Sometime last week, I was surprised to see a brown  and red gift bag on my desk. It was a Starbucks paper bag. A colleague generously gifted me with a tumbler… a tall one! It really looks very nice and I liked the simplicity of the design.



At least, alam ng tao na taga-Maynila ang may-ari nyan! Sana may Pandacan version para mas specific noh?! Hehehe!

Oh well, I guess, I should just buy myself that small tumbler that I have been eying on.




This last one was really unexpected. Look what an old-time friend gave me this Christmas:


This was not in my list but my friend obviously knows the things I want in life. LOL! I like the design a lot… and the fact that it’s black! I don’t have to wash it every time I safekeep it in my shoe cabinet. LOL!


Advance Happy Ho-Ho-Ho!

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