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Christmas Party at the SMX

December 23, 2008

Two Saturdays back, our company held its annual bankwide Christmas Party. It was at the SMX this year. As always, we have to follow a theme. All are required to come in the coolest jacket as the event was dubbed Starry Musical Night, a red carpet event ala-MTV.

It was a way too easy theme. Who doesn’t own a jacket, anyway? We can just come in a simple matchy jeans, shirt and jacket. But knowing how meticulous I am when in comes to party outfit, I had to dig my closet and look for the nicest and coolest jacket ever owned. Of course I found one! So, I initially made up my mid to come in my brown trench coat (an outrageous ukay find purchased at P180), white shirt, skinny jeans and boots. Then again, I thought, “Brown isn’t too flattering for me!” I even thought that lots of colleagues might be in the same attire. So, I dropped the idea and thought of another outfit. A more exciting yet simpler one.

Party call time was 5:30 p.m. (registration) while program proper is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. I did not get concerned much of the time as I thought it will start late… all programs in Pinas do! LOL!

At around 4:30 p.m., I was still at the mall buying myself a simple white shirt. Imagine, I don’t have a white shirt in my closet?! LOL! And after that, I still managed to drop by a salon for some hair treatment and called my manicurist for some nail polishing. So with all this last-minute activities, I got dressed at around 7 p.m. And with my stiff calculation, I can get to SMX at 7:30 p.m. Just the right time for the party, I thought.

But I was dead wrong. I miscalcuted the traffic. I forgot it was Christmas season so traveling from Pres. Quirino to MOA would be more of a hassle. Apparently, that short distance took me 2-hours to get to SMX! Yeah, roads were irritatingly jammed that day.

So, when I arrived, the program has already started and all my colleagues are done with their dinner. Well, good thing it was a buffet set-up so late-comers like me could just grab food. 

I really had to pay the price for being THAT fashionably late. No official photo op for me at the red carpet. I told you, it was MTV inspired!

Good thing, I brought my ever-reliable digicam with me . So here are some of the non-official and amateurish shots my colleague took: 

I think my outfit is a bit confusing. I look like a motorist-in-red-leather-jacket slash hooker-protigee-in-short-denim-skirt slash winter-wonderland-in-scarf look. But you have to agree with me… it looks fine alright! LOL!

And when it was time for some dancing, I didn’t not think twice on hitting the dance floor eventhough I didn’t like the band who played as they are just so-so ones. LOL! So here are my dance floor shots with my colleagues. Pardon me, I just harrassed some colleagues with cam as mine was in my purse.

There were a lot of colleagues in cool outfits. Too bad, I wasnt able to take pics of them. But here are two of the outfits I liked the most… very simple yet they rock!


Syempre kasama ako sa pic! Hehehe! Very winter ang dalawang ito! LOL! (Both are from IT department)

It was a bit of a short party for me. It ended at before 12 midnight. And since I got tired with the darn traffic jam, I called it a night and went straight home right after the party.

Hmmm… am I being boring? Or just simply growing old? LOL!

I wonder what would be next year’s Christmas Party theme…

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