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December Calendar

November 30, 2008

Hapag ng Pag-ibig (The Table of Love)

This painting is about the same characters of Hapag (January calendar). It is no longer in the darkness of night. It is a breakfast with our Lord. My canvass is sunny, sporting a table of happy faces. They are all having fun. The banquet is not scumptuous but there’ plenty of food nevertheless. The children are clad in neat apparel with school bags slung around the shoulders. They have the basics of happy life in the company of smiling friend in the middle. Beyond is a community where their parents build decent houses; they are squatters no more. The beauty of sketches lie in their unfinished character. How would we portray Jesus? How would we finally coat these children? It really depends on us what picture we would want to paint these kids.

– Joey Velasco



For us Filipinos, December is the happiest month of the year. Christmas is celebrated in a much different and extravagant way. Aside from Christ’s birth, Christmas in the Philippines is mainly correlated with family reunions and exchange gifts. When I started to draft this entry, it made me realize and remember something what Mommy has been telling me this past few years. As you know, I’ve told her a couple of times that I sometimes get sick and tired of doing the Christmas rush to buy those soon-to-be-trashed gifts which normally last just a week or so. But she would always tell me, “Don’t be a Scrooge! It’s the only time when you can give joy to those poor kids who have been expecting gifts from you. Share your blessings. Besides, it’s just a once-a-year thing.”

Oh well, Joey Velasco’s December painting proved my Mom right. Christmas is indeed for the little ones. It’s the only season where we can make them happy and help them realize that Christ truly lives in us all.

May you have a blessed and meaningful CHRISTmas this year!

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