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Singapore Adventure (Day 4 – Nov 08)

November 24, 2008

So, it was our last day in Singapore and we still need to see a lot more things, go some mall rounds and do our last minute purchases. And Mammu Elva promised to tour us around.

We started day 4  a little late again. Left the hotel at around 10am as we were set to meet up with Mammu Elva at the Rafflles Place MRT exit. We had some photo op at the hotel first as we were already checking out our things then.

But when we’re on our way to the MRT station. I stepped on something… and it was really icky when I saw my slippers! There were doggie poops on the sidewalk. Talk about Singapore being a very clean city! Parang Pinas lang din, merong mga “gold” sa daan! LOL! Good thing, we’re packed with wet tissues with us 🙂 Oh well, even my poop-stepping moment had a photo op. But in fairness, naka pose pa rin! LOL!

We got to City Hall Station way before Mammu Elva arrived. Shhhh, she was a bit late! LOL! We were able to go some around the City Hall area a bit. Too bad, malls and botiques were still closed at that time. So, we tried to walk a bit more and reached the Riverside in Raffles. 

And in the middle of our photo op, Mammu Elva came rushing. Kasi nga late cya! Hehehe! But she was just in time for this shot.

We then all walked along this riverside all the way to that historic bridge in front of Fullerto Hotel. Ooops, sorry! I have nothing much to tell about the bridge as I did not pay much attention to our tour guide of the day. Was a bit so busy taking pics of the buildings around.

Mammu Elva advised us to have a bite of the famous street ice cream. Yep, Its far different from the dirty ice cream sold here in Pinas. Mommy opted for the bread wrap while I chose wafers. Just to be safe, I took the choco-flavored one. It was truly a refreshing snack for SG$1. And take note, Magnolia huh?!

And after the short break, off we went to the famous Singapore spot, The Merlion Plaza.

We were surprised to see a newly wed couple at the plaza having their wedding pic there. Mammu Elva told us that it’s the in thing there in Singapore. Newly weds normally had their matrimonial pics taken at Singapore’s scenic spots. That explained the newly weds we saw at the Super Flyer area on Day 1. Sorry, I forgot to mention this on my first entry. LOL! Too bad, I wasn’t able to take shots of the newly weds.

And when the bride and groom, together with their photogs, left the area, it was our turn to abuse Merlion with our loads and loads of pic with him. Mammu Elva gave us a good idea on taking shots with Merlion, and here is Mommy’s best shot:

Ang matanda, kay Merlion pa talaga nakiinom ng tubig! Hahaha!

It was already past 12 noon so we decided to look for a place to eat. Since we were planning to canvass for some electronic gadgets, Mammu Elvs recommended that we eat somewhere City Hall so we could check out nearby electronics shop like Funan.

We had our lunch at Street Cafe and Restaurant in Market Place (somewhere City Hall). Lunch was a bit expensive as meals were priced at an average of SG$7.50, no drinks included. Oh well, this simple meal cost me a whooping SG$12.


Our lunch with Mammu Elva was nice and fun. It was a bit short though as she needs to meet up with her hubby right after lunch. We couldn’t thank her enough for spending her precious time with us and toured us around.

But before we went separate ways, Mammu Elva gave us instructions on how to go to Funan and advised us to check out a special art exhibit outside The Market Place. I really got curious on that red and blue capsules installed outside the mall.

Outside those capsules, people were looking at this artwork which was strategically posted on the mall’s facade.

I went inside the blue capsule and this is what I saw…

And when I transferred to the red one. I saw this different view…

Cool impressive artwork there, eh!

We continued on with our planned schedule. So off to Funan for some electronics purchase. Hmmm… do I need to tell that I bought myself a new iPod Touch as an early Christmas gift? LOL! But I have to say, my new toy really rocks! LOL!

On our way to Funan, Alann called my attention and pointed at a store. Another sex shop!!! So, I again had a photo op. Notice that the shop’s name is a bit too discreet… LOL!

The rest of the day was spent in Chinatown and Orchard Road for some last minute shopping… pasalubongs and all!

At around 9pm, Ian, our van service slash Day 1 tour guide, picked us up as we were scheduled to board the 12:40am flight.  

That ended our fantastic 4-day stay in Singapore.

And according to Mommy, she really had a grand time having her post-birthday celeberation in SIN. Hmmm… ano naman kaya wish nya for next year? Magastos ang trip so I think I should fulfill the other two wishes na lang! LOL!

And as for you, thanks for reading. Hope I was able to virtually tour you around Singapore! 🙂




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