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Singapore Adventure (Day 3 – Nov 07)

November 23, 2008

We all woke up late on Day 3. I guess, everyone got darn tired of those long walks at the park, zoo and safari the day before. But we could not afford to stay in bed as we have planned another long day ahead of us.

Day 3 is Sentosa Day!

And so, we left the hotel a little past 10am. 

We again took MRT from Aljunied Station and alighted at Harbour Front Station. Headed straight to Vivo City to purchase admission tickets. We again got ourselves another promo package. The Sentosa tickets were priced at SG$33.90 inclusive of admission, 3 choices from experience category and 1 choice from adventure category. So, we opted to get the Merlion’s Walk, Images of Singapore, Sky Tower and Cable Car. You may click on this Sentosa link for details. We also got separate tickets for Songs of the Sea (priced at SG$8), a must-see Lights Musical Show.

Since we were at Vivo City, we took the chance to check out some stores. Some short window shopping and lots of photo op (what else do you expect?!) first before our grand Sentosa adventure.

The Sentosa Express train is located inside Vivo City so it wasn’t hard for us to continue on to our grand schedule. It really amazed me how Sentosa conveniently set up a train station inside a mall going to that spectacular island.

Oh well this train ride is far different than our usual MRT experience. The “air” as well as the sites are a bit too pleasing this time… LOL!

 First stop was Imbiah Station… off to start the tour with The Merlion Walk.

This Merlion Walk was a nice experience. They had this audio visual presentation about Singapore’s origin. How the place transpired to having a half-lion and half-fish as their icon. I’m not telling though. It’s for you to know… LOL!

We were able to go inside that Merlion monument behind us and had some photo op at the top and in its mouth. And here are our shots:

Our next stop was the Images of Singapore. I particularly liked this experience as we were able to peek at Singapore’s history. And the way it was presented was really awesome. A hologram started off the presentation while some moving slash speaking portraits which were hanging ont he stage walked us through in details. It’s like being in a Harry Potter film where portraits come to life and speak to each other. That’s how amazing the presentation was. And with that short spectacular presentation, we learned that aside from the Chinese people, Malays, Indians and Europeans were the first migrants of Singapore. So much for additional knowledge, eh!

We were then lead to a museum of some sort where history was showcased in human-sized mannequins. Very educational tour indeed. But it was a bit too freaky to take pics with those mannequins… it’s as if they will wrap their arms around you once you stand beside them.

Next stop was the Tiger Sky Tower. Contrary to the first two stops, this was just a simple ride which allowed us to see the entire Singapore. So, it’s not much of a very high tower. LOL!

So, after that 360-degree-view-of-Singapore experience, the four of us (except my Mom, of course) immediately ran to take the Sky Ride. It was a very cool experience to travel via open-air cable from Imbiah to Siloso and vice versa. It’s really a cool and relaxing ride for me. I don’t know with Alann though. LOL!

After the Sky Ride, we met up with Jing’s cousin, Remia, who was appartently in Singapore that time. Remia was such a blessing to us as she gave us lots of munchies for the rest of our stay in Singapore. Luv yah, Remia for this!

As it was past 6pm, we all decided to go to Siloso Beach to prep us up for the Songs of the Sea. We were scheduled to witness the 7:30 pm show.

Nikki, Mommy and I were able to squeeze some tram rounds before the show. We saw more of the Siloso seashore and had some other photo ops.

And after that short sight-seeing and pictorial, we rushed back to the other side of the shore where Jing, Alann and Remia reserved seats for us. Actually, reservations were not allowed. Makapal lang ang fez namin! LOL!

The Songs of the Sea is truly a must-see show in Sentosa. I have never seen such wonderful display of lights and it’s far different from seeing those usual fireworks. I will now let the pictures tell how spectacular the show was:

My apologies, these were only taken by my left hand as the other one got busy taking video shots 😛

The Songs of the Sea concluded our day in Sentosa. So, we went back to Vivo City via cable car. Yes, we still have that last ride to avail of. Sulit di ba?

As it was our last night in Singapore, I insisted that we go to Chinatown to experience dining and having some drinks at the famous street restaurants. And so we did…

Oh well, 3 bottles of Tiger beer, 1 plate of black noodles, 1 serving of carrot omelet ( but no carrot at all, how weird is that?!) and some other street food finally concluded our Day 3 in Singapore.

Tiring but so much fun!

Still to be continued…

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