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Singapore Adventure (Day 2 – Nov 06)

November 17, 2008

We did not opt for Ian’s tour service for the rest of our stay in Singapore. We instead decided to explore the place on our own. Thanks to Nikki’s research materials. It helped us a lot in navigating Singapore.

It was really not much of an effort for me to get used to the transport system as it’s very similar to HK. All places were interconnected and tickets were available via electronic purchase.

And buses were likewise strategically located near MRT exits for conveniece.

We started the day at around 9am. Took the MRT from Aljunied Station. Alighted at Boon Lay Station and hopped in bus 194 that took us straight to Jurong Bird Park.

We arrived at Jurong at almost 11 am. We opted to get the 3-in-1 package. Tickets were priced at SG$45/pax which allowed us to see three major sites in Singapore: (1) Jurong Bird Park, (2) Singapore Zoo and (3) Night Safari. Pretty good package there eh!


We were a bit late for the Bird Show at the Apmphitheatre. Kids were already having fun watching some bird tricks when we arrived. Despite us being late, I found the show and those well-trained colorful birds fascinating.

Since there are no other show scheduled, we opted to just explore the place. Walked from one bird kingdom to another. And here are some of my snapshots:

When we were looking for a place to eat, Alann and I saw a very nice floor fountain. Of course, my naughty side instantly surfaced. We tried to study the fountain’s water-spitting pattern and learned that the middle portion doesn’t spit. And so, I had my photo taken while water are up in the air.


Like to know what happened after this shot? The hole at my feet spitted water… so I got dead wet! LOL! Good thing, I brought an extra shirt with me. So, I changed shirt. But my short skimpy skirt got wet! *weep* 

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari are located in a different place so we needed to finish Jurong Bird Park at around 2pm. Travelled back to Boon Lay to catch MRT that will take us Choa Chu Kang Station. From there we boarded bus 927 and got us straight to Singapore Zoo.

We arrived at Singapore Zoo at around 3pm. Had a quick lunch. Had lots of photo ops (of course!). And went straight in to check the show schedules. But Jing went back to the hotel to attend to some very personal matters 😛

So, it was a trip for me, Mommy, Nikki and Alann.

The Singapore Zoo is another place that required a lot of walking as animals nests were far located from each other. I was suprised to see though that all animals were not contained in cages but rather allowed for personal interaction. We did not try doing so though as there were additional fees for that. Kuripot! LOL!

We were able to watch the Elephant and Sealion shows in separate time slots. Both were nice and fun though.

Alann and I got a chance to be kissed by Carlos (the sealion) after the show. But when it was my turn, I freaked out when I felt his wet lips all over my left cheek. Too bad, we didn’t get a good shot of it.

The zoo closed at 6pm and we had to wait for Jing before we proceed to the Night Safari which is adjactently located the Singapore Zoo.

It seemed that the Night Safari is just an extension of Singapore Zoo. Most of the animals found in the zoo were also found in Night Safari. Di kaya lumipat lang din sila? LOL!

It was an ok experience for me. I wasn’t that impressed… except for that hotta-hotta performance at the Safari Entrance slash resto.

It was a truly long day for us and the Night Safari Tour was a nice activity to end the day.

To be continued…

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