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Singapore Adventure (Day 1 – Nov 05)

November 16, 2008

It has been pretty hectic for me at work and at home lately so I wasn’t able to post anything about my recent trip. I know of some friends who are dying to read about the details of my recent escapade but I was overly pre-occupied with a lot of things. Well, I already gave you some preview which were I posted in both my Friendster and Multiply site. Pardon me, those are just few of my LOADS of photos 🙂

Anyhow, let’s not waste another second. But first, let’s start off with cast of characters so you’ll be guided well as I transpired from one kwento to another:

Main Casts:

  • Mommy – the birthday celebrator and 73-year old traveling bandit
  • Nikki – my colleague (remember her from my Bohol & HK trips?)
  • Jing – one of my best college chummies
  • Alann – Jing’s ever patient hubby

Special Participation:

  • Mammu Elva – former colleague and a current resident of Singapore
  • Mari – Mammu Elva’s son
  • Remia – Jing’s cousin who works as a stewardess in cruise ship docked in Singapore
  • Ian – Singaporean-Portugese tour guide/driver/van owner

Are we all set now? So, here goes my first installment of Mommy’s post-birthday celebration in Singapura.

As always, I traveled via Cebu Pacific as I availed of the promo fare some months back. And contrary to my statement in my Bohol check-in moment in February, I got us the 6:25 a.m. flight so we could again maximize our stay in the land of the famous Merlion. And as always again, Mommy and I were the last to arrive at the airport (NAIA Terminal 3) a little past 5 a.m. We found Nikki waiting for us at the check-in counter while the couple, Jing and Alann, were already settled in the boarding area.

It was my first time to enter NAIA’s newest airport. Obviously looks new as there were a lot more areas closed for, I guess, commercial occupancy.


The 3-hour flight to SG was quite smooth and nice. 

From the airport, we were picked up by a private shuttle which was included in the accommodation package I got from my dear friend, Vida. I don’t normally travel in style so I just got ourselves some very affordable hotel which is located in…. naaah, I won’t tell! I’ll just give a clue, it’s the most active and well-lit place in Singapore at night. LOL!

We checked in and had a quick lunch at one of the nearby restuarants as Ian was scheduled to pick us up at 1:30 p.m. for a half-day city tour.

But we were able to buy some time to grab sim cards as we needed to contact Mammu Elva and make calls to loved ones in Pinas. And in the middle of our Singapore-sim-buying moments, we were all surprised to see a kinky store beside the telecom shop. I guess you already know what I did. Of course, it was an instant photo opportunity. Here it is…

And so, the city tour started.

Ian drove us around town where their Parliament House, Supreme Court and other famous offices in City Hall and Clark Quay.

First stop was the Jewellery Company. It wasn’t typo-error nor misspelling but that’s the company’s name. According to Ian, that jewelry shop is the largest in Singapore. We were not forced though to buy anything as it was part of the tour. But my Mom’s hungry-for-earrings look forced me to buy her a pair. I didn’t get myself anything from there so I instead asked Alann to take a picture of me at the front door. Poor Winkie! LOL!

And when we got out of the shop, I immediately asked Ian to take us away from that place before we purchase any other item! LOL!

So off to the next location, the Riverside and Raffles Statue.

We had an interesting experience when we were about to leave the place. Young locals who were having an Amazing Race sort of activity approached us and asked if we could have a pic with them. We just needed imitate the Kung Fu Panda pic that they showed us and take a pic similar to that.

Nikki and Jing were both pumped up to accommodate the kids’ request. So Alann and I opted to be just plain photographers. The initial shot was a bit too dull and plain, so I instead asked them to do a jump shot to make it more fun and realistic. And here are the Kung Fu Panda cast in Clark Quay:

After that fun shot, Ian took us to the next location, the Singapore Super Flyer. I personally requested to have us taken there as I read from the net that it’s the newest must-see and must-go-to place in Singapore.

It was a bit boring inside the SIN Super Flyer capsule as it took us 30 minutes for a whole complete rotation. Well, that how big the Super Flyer is!

It was an effort for Mommy to take the ride as she has acrophobia. So, she just enjoyed the ride by plainly sitting it the middle. Good thing, the capsule is a bit huge.

We ran a bit late and I needed to meet up with Mammu Elva who was waiting for us at Wisma Atria for hours. Good thing, Ian was kind enough to drop us there.

And so, I finally met up with Mammu Elva, who helped me a lot in outlining my 4D3N SIN itinerary. It was really nice to see and visit old-time friends when one’s on a trip.

Too bad, we did not spend much time with Mammu Elvs as she and Mari needed to head back home before dinner time. But they were able to show us around Orchard Road a bit so we’d get familiarized with the place in case we go back there for shopping.

After the short snacks at Toast Box and quick stroll along Orchard Road Mammu and Mari left all of at Wheelock Place for some initial browsing of electronic gadgets.

We did some quick rounds at Wheelock Place. Went to a toy shop for Bakugan toys. Segued to a surfer’s shop to check Havias price. Boy, Havais in Singapore is way too pricey than in Manila! Browsed in Mac Store as both Alann and I have plans of buying iPods.

Then, back to Wisma for another stroll and some purse shopping. I again had a nice shopping experience… this time, at Charles and Keith. When I was at the counter, the cashier asked if I have I VIP card. So, I said, “No.” She then informed me that I can get one if I purchase at least SG$100. But the purse I was purchasing wasn’t even close to that amount. Jing and Nikki didn’t have any intention to buy anything so I asked the cashier to leave it and go on with the purchase. Since she’s a Fil girl, she whispered to me and said, “Ma’am , bigyan na lang kita ng discount.” And when I saw my receipt, it’s SG$10 off! Imagine that, I instantly got a discount on a C&K new arrival item. Nice one, huh?!

We spent the night strolling at some other malls along Orchard Road and Somerset. But since they were already closing, we called the night off.

It was our first public commute to the hotel and being inside the MRT isn’t much of a grand experience… as the “air” isn’t that too pleasing. I’d rather not say more… LOL!

So, that was our day 1 in Singapore.

To be continued…

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