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And she turned 73…

October 28, 2008

Today’s post is again a very special one. I still remember writing a similar entry on this very same day last year. So for some of you who haven’t read it, you can click here to check out what I have written some 12 months back.

And so yesterday, October 27, Mommy turned 73.

As you know, I normally don’t make so much effort in doing elaborative party for my mom. Yeah, call me lousy or whatever you want, but I’m just not into that let’s-make-a-surprise-party-for-Mommy thing. I just find it a bit too cheesy. LOL!

But as always, I want to make each year memorable for her.

Last Friday, three of my nieces – Dhang, April and Potchie – visited my Mom and decided to spend the weekend with us. So, together with Mommy, I took them all to Glorietta for a stroll and an advance lunch birthday celeb. It was a very simple lunch-at-North Park with Mommy’s closest ‘apo’… of course, ‘apo’ from her inaanak-cum-pamangkin. As simple as it seemed, I know Mommy was happy spending it with them.

Call me again a lousy daughter, because I didn’t buy anything for my Mom when we had that whole-day-at-Glorietta with the kids last Saturday.

Oh well, I really did not plan on buying her anything on her special day. I wanted to give her something more special than those stuff I could find in Glorietta. It’s no longer a suprise though and she knew months back that she’ll get one of her last year’s fervent wishes.

So, as Mommy turned 73, I want to grant her one special present this year. If you’ve read the post, you now have an idea of Mommy’s exciting gift… and I will tell you about it in details maybe a week from now 🙂

And to Mommy, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May the good Lord grant you more love, peace and health that you truly deserve.

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