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October Calendar

October 5, 2008



I chanced upon this mentally deranged woman during one of my coffee breaks. I offered her a glass of Coke as I listened attentively to her rapid soliloquy. She was speaking to some imaginary friends. She heard voices. Tension swelled in me as I relaized she was talking to Edgar Allan Poe and Leo Tolstoy. I felt so afraid She had wild swings between sanity and insanity.

She then grabbed the picture of my Hapag painting close to her eyes. “This strikes me as the poor kids’ Last Supper…” She examined it more closely again like a jeweller, and then she stared at me. “You know my friend, thear are actually not poor…” “What??? You’re the only one who said that.” I wondered smiling at her chilling remark. And she continue, “…. because they have Jesus.”


                                                                                                – Joey Velasco

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