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Blogging 101

September 30, 2008

Nope, I’m not trying to give out some pointers on blogging. I’m no professional blogger and not in the position to do so. The title simply means… this is my 101st  entry.

Yep, you read it right… entry # 101! Hurray for me! Hehehe!

I never thought I would last this long in this blogging thing . I can still remember how and why started with my blogsite here in Friendster. My first post was done last year on the night of April 26. I got so overwhelmed with the overflowing blessings I received then so I decided to write them all down through this blogsite. And the rest is history. Too bad, I failed to make an anniversary post 5 months ago as I was on trip to the city of Pines.

Just like any other relationship, blogging is a two-way street… the writer (in my case, aspiring and trying hard one, LOL!) and the readers. Well, I thought that you, my sweet dear reader friends, play a very important part of my blogging life. Up to know, I still get surprised to know that you are having fun reading my posts. I still get those random feedbacks like “Enjoy ako sa blogs mo. Keep blogging!” or “Ang kulit ng last post mo! Katuwa!”. Not to mention those actual comments posted on some of my comment-worthy entries from new and old commenters alike. Each of your comments slash feedbacks, violent or not (LOL!), really puts a smile on my face. A big kinda deal of smile! 🙂

And so, on my 101st post, I’d like to THANK YOU for sticking with me.

Thanks for spending some of your precious time in reading my narrow-minded and senseless entries! 🙂


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