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My Year Book Pic(s)

September 25, 2008

When I went online on YM moments ago, I saw an old-time friend, Liza, was online as well. She’s got a cute old-looking pic of herself in her avatar so I buzzed her. This was our initial conversation: 


Winkie: Cute pic! Looks like “lola” version of you.

Liza: Hehehe! My friend made it.

Winkie: Really? How?

Liza: Wait, Ate! I’ll ask.

Winkie: Ok, thanks!

Liza: Here po:

Winkie: Ok, I’ll browse now.

Liza: Hehehe. Patingin, ‘Te ah!

Winkie: Sure Liz!


Well, I did browse the site and had a great time playing with my pics. So I made myself lots of year book photos… in different circa! Here they are:


Circa 60: Looks like Ms. Tapia to me! LOL!


Circa 70: Very Caren Carpenter! LOL! 


 Circa 80: On the chubby side with shaggy hair! LOL!


Circa 90: With short blonde hair… bagay ba? Hehehe!


Year 2000: Blonde girl once again… LOL! 


Upon seeing these, I was glad for having a better year book pic. Here’s my original year book pic… in sepia verion: 


Very virginal! Heheheh! Promise, no alteration on this one… hehehe!

Year book yourself, too! It’s fun!


Note to Liza: Thanks again for sharing! 🙂

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