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Art Works at the Mall

September 22, 2008

For those of you who have been consistently reading my blogs starting January of this year, you already know that I normally start my month with a religious artwork by a Salesian artist by the name of Joey Velasco. The paintings are showcased in my special 2008 calendar. Each painting has a story to tell and those are perfectly written by the painter himself.

Earlier this day, before going back home and while strolling in Glorietta, I came across a some sort of a program. I saw people swamped at the second floor of the Glorietta 4. I tried to squeeze in a bit.  I found out that it was an art exhibit slash project launching. The emcee then announced the unveiling of the biggest art work. And this is what I saw:


Prior to the unveiling, I heard the emcee anounced a familiar name… very familiar that I get to encounter that name at the work place on a daily basis. Well, the guest of honour was no other than but our company’s president. Then, I tried to zoom in and further scrutized the painting from afar:

Hmmm… familiar painting, I thought. I checked out the other artworks and yes, the styles all looked familiar to me. I further confirmed my assumption when I saw our official Salesian chaplain at the lower ground of that G4 wing.

Well, I guessed right. All those insipring artworks were done by no other than artist Joey Velasco. The art work exhibit was simultaneously done with the launching of the 2009 calendar.

I guess you’re thinking it’s too early to sell 2009 calendar, right? Not for the Salesians. They usually do this ahead of time. I got my 2008 calendar during the same season last year. Honestly, I bought copies for charity reasons as portion of the proceeds went to a scholarship foundation for the out-of-school youth. One Salesian’s successful projects.

My limited number of copies were shared to some very close friends and relatives as Christmas gift last year. The calendar was a very simple gift… but I hope that those paintings as well as their respective stories brought hope, faith and inspiration to those select friends and relatives.

Well, I’m certain that I’ll buy a couple of copies again this year… and I’m sure that I will continue on with my habit of sharing each and every painting as my opening salvo for the month. I hope that you’ll not get tired of seeing those wonderful paintings and reading those inspirational stories in the coming year.

I think the exhibit will be there for a while. So, for those who want to see the paintings, pay them a visit at Glorietta. Buy some calendars na rin. It’s for a good cause. 🙂

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