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August Calendar

August 1, 2008


Cast All Your Cares Upon Me

The hospital became my second home. I was totally dependent on the help and benevolence of my caregivers. I befriended each of them and knew about their own life stories too. Curiously, I asked one of the nurses if she was praying to go abroad. “Definitely,” she said, in as much as her family depended on her income. But, yes, she said she’s praying more for my healing because I have a family – four kids – who depend so much on me. She was checking my pulse rate and I felt the blood of Jesus flowing. The highest gift of the Holy Spirit is not the grace of healing; it is the gift of love. Healing happens the moment the eyes of the caregiver and those of the sick person meet. The assurance. The humbling acceptance of dependency. The joint effort to gain strength each day. Love heals.

                                                                             – Joey Velasco


A happy and blessed August to all!

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