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Ikaw, wala ka bang planong…

July 21, 2008

Late this afternoon, I received this business slash personal call from an old-time acquaintance. Initially, ang tema eh query on personal loans. Well, yan naman talaga ang pakay ng kanyang pagtawag sa akin. And after quite a while, we segued to personal kamustahan at tanungan ng mga iba pang kakilala.

Di naman kami masyadong close (eh kaya nga acquaintance… ano vah?!) kaya semi-light lang ang kumustahan galore.

Syempre, may I bida ako ng mga kakilala na recently ko lang nakita. Sobrang recent, as in kahapon lang. Oh well, common friends namin are those from the church. Oh yes, taong simbahan po ako… dati!!! Hehehe! Taong simbahan pa rin naman ako, kaso mejo on the side lines na lang muna 😦

Anyway, tuloy ang wento… may I bida nga ako ng mga old-time friends who I saw yesterday. I attended kasi my inaanak’s 7th birthday celebration in Pansol, Laguna. The father of my inaanak, who is apparently one of my closest friends, is the brother of an ex-seminarian na kaibigan nitong si Ms. Acquaintance. Getz ba? Clear naman explanation di vah? Oh so, dyan nagsimula ang aming personal kwentuhan.

The usual kumustahan conversation transpired to updates about our common friends’ careers, children and plans of getting married. And then, Ms. Acquaintance threw me a personal question… a question which sounded very familiar to me, “How about you? Wala ka bang planong…”

I stopped and tried to listen very carefully to the next words that she will utter. Parang nire-ready ko na ang sarili kong magreact sa di kanais-nais na paraan.

And she continued her statement with, “… wala ka bang planong mag-abroad???”

Para akong nabuntan ng tinik sa dibdib. I was really expecting to hear that familiar annoying question, “Wala ka bang planong mag-asawa?”

I replied with a funny laugh and told her, “I never expected that question. Kaiba sya, in fairness! I was waiting for the usual ‘kelan ka mag-aasawa’ question. Ready pa naman ako sanang sumagot sa ‘yo.”

And she replied, “I know how it feels to be thrown with questions like that. Nakakasawa di ba? Kaya naman abroad na itinanong ko sayo. You might ask me back that ‘when are you getting married’ question.”

Well, Ms. Acquaintance is also in singleton and too darn busy with her career. She’s a bit older than me and way too nice and pretty. But do I get confused why she’s still single at her age? Of course not, I am equally single myself.

We made a promise though to update each other whenever something romantic comes both our ways. We agreed it’s better that way than to ask that one silly and annoying question.

So next time you talk to a single lass like me, think of better questions to ask. There are a lot more things that are worth knowing than our plans of getting hitched.

Don’t worry a single bit, we’d be more than glad to shout to the whole world that “Oh yes! I finally found the One!” statement.

So ikaw, wala ka bang planong… ???

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  1. jess permalink
    February 7, 2009 7:33 am

    wala ka bang planong…mamigay ng pera?
    along with “are you planning to have kids?” this is one of those questions that women are expected to hear at certain age..especially pag nauubos na ang egg cells…wait, di yata funny yan.
    it is abit of a mistery to society when someone who is good-looking, doing well, and obviously have the love for life and romance is not hitched. i say that it is possible to experience life with your mind and soul, and not just by physicality alone. And know that they are probably very secure, mindful, and giving. So, balato na lang.

  2. February 7, 2009 4:03 pm

    hi jess, grabe old post ito ah! ang layo ang back reading mo ah! hehehe!

    hmmm… oo nga, not so funny yung questions mo. pero no offense taken. i still am not affected of the body clock thing.

    i have actually received a lot of comments like “bakit wala pang bf/asawa eh maganda (ehem!) at successful (ehem uli!) naman!” oh well, di naman beauty at success lang ang measure for a girl to get married or have a romantic relationship. anyhow, this is also a mystery to me. so i can’t give any answer for this question.

    and oh, wala talaga akong planong mamigay ng pera… whehehe!

  3. jess permalink
    February 8, 2009 12:00 am

    you go, girl! that kind of attitude only makes you more admirable and attractive anyway. maglaway na lang muna sila. you know, there was this most reveared female in history who was just like you…

    …mother theresa:)

  4. February 8, 2009 10:43 am

    hahaha! mother theresa lived a holy life and with much love for other people. ang layo ko dun! hehehe! am just taking a day at a time. im not rushing anything right now. as they say, it will come when you least expect it… and in God’s perfect time. so for now, im just concentrating on being happy and contented with with i have.

    gusto mo pa ng isang entry on singleton? read this one:

  5. jess permalink
    February 8, 2009 5:19 pm

    lol. that’s a fine collection of quotes there.
    anyway, i think some are either too busy being a career-oriented singleton or too caught up with these misguided idea of romance and mr. right that you don’t even realize that they are next to you…be it a stranger or a close friend. if you need to, you might have to make the first move in a more casual and non-romantic way. finally, your career, diploma, marital status, wealth do not make you as a person. values, humility and character make people special. and for what it’s worth, although i don’t know u all that much, your dedication to your family and your appreciation of simple and humble things have touched me. plus u too darn funny and entertaining to me.

  6. February 9, 2009 12:50 pm

    i would like to choose the former, career-oriented that is! LOL. seriously, i guess i’m really not putting it as part of my priority. i feel blessed with a lot of things and they are more than enough to ask for more. if God has other plans for me, i would be thankful whatever it may be.

    im glad you are somehow entertained by my writing and my silly little life. thanks for the regular visits and comments. i really appreciate it.

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