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8 C of a C

July 18, 2008

An hour before lunch, a friend texted me this:

  1. 7 D S
  2. 9 M of P
  3. 8 T of an O
  4. 7 C of the W
  5. 10 Y in a D
  6. 28 D in F
  7. 6 S of a H
  8. 10 C of a M
  9. 7 W of the W
  10. 5 F in a F
  11. 8 C of a C

I immediately texted her back with, "Ano ‘to? Exam?"

She answered back, "Yeah, nasa team building kasi ako. Help please"

So, I checked the message again and tried to solve it. It was fun. And after solving the puzzle, I texted her back with my answers:

  1. 7 Deadly Sins
  2. 9 Months of Pregnancy
  3. 8 Tentacles of an Octopus
  4. 7 Continents of the World
  5. 10 Years in a Decade
  6. 28 Days in February
  7. 6 Sides of a Hexagon
  8. 10 Centuries in a Millenium
  9. 7 Wonders of the World
  10. 5 Fingers in a Fist

The last one was left unanswered. I can’t think of anything anymore.

How about you? Do you know what " 8 C of a C" means?

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