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Miss U…

July 14, 2008

Yeah, I deeply miss you… hehehe!

Well, I just finished watching the most coveted Miss Universe over Velvet Channel. I wasn’t able to watch the entire show though but I had a good glimpse on some major parts like announcement of top winners (top 15, 10 and 5), swimsuit and evening gown competitions. I didn’t pay much attention to the Q&A portion anymore as I needed to go online… work-related! šŸ˜¦

I really do not recall why I stopped watching this beauty pageant some 3 years ago. Was I that busy for missing it? Or did I just loss appetite for watching the show? Well, I guess it’s because I’m way over-age to dream to be a part of the pageant. Yeah, when I was a little girl I dreamt of joining… it’s every little girl’s dream, I guess. Well, I want to put the blame on those Barbie dolls for making us think of turning into skinny beauty queens, hehehe! I was lucky to have joined some beauty pageants in school… all were actually forced on me by teachers and friends. Syempre, kunwari ayoko magjoin, pakipot pa ako nun… bebe pa eh! Hehehe!

Going back to Ms. U, it’s no longer a surprise for a Venezuelan candidate to bag the title. In fact, it’s the 5th time for a VenezuelanĀ beauty to take home the crown. This is not stored knowledge, I just read it from a website a while ago, hehehe! Well, if a Venenzuelan doesn’t take home the crown, she is definetely part of the top 5. I just don’t know what’s with these girls that make people (or rather, the judges) think that they are more fit for the Ms. U crown. I guess, it’s the kind of beauty that they exude. Well, we can’t blame them, these girls really look like breathing mannequins whenever they glide in their swimsuits and evening gowns.

Oh well, so much for the defense for Ms. Venezuela. Here’s a photo I snatched from


But know what caught my attention? It was Ms. Dominican Republic’s attire in the long gown competition. It’s kinda unique and sexy. I’d rather have the photo speak for the gown:


Ganda di ba? Mirrors nicely and appropriately embellished on see-through garment. Hmmmnn… di kaya nakakasugat yan? Well, I would still wear it if given the chance! Hehehe!

On a sad note though, another Ms. USA candidate fell on the floor… 2 years in a row for USA! Ah this one is based on my stock knowledge as I got to watch the show Pageant Place (also over Velvet Channel) last Sunday. I learned that last year’s Ms. USA candidate also slipped in her gliding-in-evening-gown walk. So as not to put more damage to injury, I’d rather not post Ms. America’s “downtime” photo. I applaud her though for putting a light mode on that surprise fall.

One weird thing I noticed before the coronation was the recently-dethroned beauty queen’s outfit in her farewell walk. What was Ms. Universe 2007 thinking? Why was she wearing that weird outfit? Parang galing lang sa magic show di ba? Too bad, I can’t find any pics online šŸ˜¦ So, for those who watched, you know what I am taking about. Well, I guess Niyo Mori wanted to make a difference… in a weird sense nga lang! Hehehe!

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  1. July 19, 2008 2:28 am

    ganda nga ng gown… parang derecho na sa kung saan man hahaha

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