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Hongkong Adventure (Day 4 – 060808)

June 21, 2008

Day 4: Blessedness, happiness and sadness

It was our last day in HK. We all have until 6 pm to do our last minute shopping.

Since our pre-set 4D3N itinerary was drastically ruined by the freaking down pours, I made our day 4 as a free day for everyone. And since it’s day 4 already, I completely assumed that most of my companions were already familiar with the place and knew how to go to places that they please.

Since it was a Sunday, I reserved some time to hear mass at St. Joseph’s Catheral and at the same time meet up my aunt as she needs to hand me some stuff to be brought back home. Nikki and Candy (who was celebrating her birthday that day) opted to join me in my day 4 quest: church and shopping!!!

We started the day a bit late as we were able to leave the condotel at 10am.

We started off with Central, as usual. I needed to go to a money exchange outlet as I already ran out of HK dollars. We passed through SASA and Watson to buy some personal stuff and pasalubong items. Nagpanic-buying ako ng wipes, ang mura eh! Hehehe!

Upon passing through Giordano, we got surprised to see that there was a big sale going on. Yes, I still buy Gio polo shirts as they are very comfy and way cheaper than Lacoste shirts, hehehe! So, we immediately went inside the store as there were Buy 1 Take 1 promos. There were lots of bilins and pabili so I grabbed the garments as if I was in panic mode. When I was at the payment counter, the saleslady handed me a piece of paper and asked me to fill it up. Since I did not understand a word that she said, I did as I was asked. The saleslady encoded my info in their database and informed me that I am already a VIP client. I guess, I reached a certain amount that qualified me for membership. Ooops, don’t ask how much I spent on Gio… it still is killing me as of this writing, hehehe! Pero say nyo, valued client na ako ng Giordano HK! Hehehe!

After the Central stint, we went to the market for a short while to buy some other pasalubongs. Yep, I know where the market is. My aunt taught me well how to go around HK šŸ™‚

Then, we all headed off to St. Joseph’s Church to hear the 1pm mass. Hearing mass in St. Joseph isn’t that easy. As Sunday is a special day (read: off day) for HK OFWs, we needed fall in line just to get in. Well, thanks for my aunt. The reservation and VIP treatment really helped big time šŸ˜‰

Hearing mass with lots of Filipino overseas workers really made me feel at home.Ā  And sitting amidst them really reminded me how blessed I am. Unlike them, I went to HK for a short 4-day vacay. I have some spare time (and money) to give myself a well-deserved treat. But those overseas workers were there to earn for a living… in a very hard way. Well, seeing their bright faces inside the church somehow gave me assurance that they are indeed happy with the kind of life they have there… and the kind of life that they are trying to give for their loved ones.

I was able to take a snapshot with the officiating Filipino priest Fr. Midas together with my aunt, Candy, Nikki and cute Brit boy (alaga ata nung isang OFW :-)). Here it is:


Right after the mass, we bid goodbye to my aunt as we were way too pressed for time. I dragged Nikki and Candy to Causeway Bay as I’ve heard there were a lot more stores in that area and that they’ve just had a weekend sale. I was really hoping I could buy some stuff there.

Causeway Bay was way crowded. We saw some nice brands but were way too out of my (our) budget. So, we didn’t spend much time there and decided to go back to Central to complete our shopping list.

Upon reaching to Central, I asked that we separate ways so we could do whatever we want to do. Nikki agreed and went shopping alone. While Candy and I headed to the usual not-so-expensive shops. I was able to get a couple of tops more for myself and some inexpensive (read: cheap) pasalubongs itemsĀ for my female cousins šŸ™‚

Candy, who was waiting for me at an alley, called my attention and pointed to a nice white bag. Well, she knew that I badly wanted to buy a big white bag šŸ™‚ When I asked for the price, the old lady said, “HKD 130.” As I would usually do, I immediately converted it to the currency I know and thought, “Ang mahal, P780! OA ‘to si Manang ah!” Candy further bargained and said, “2 bags for HKD180.” The old Chinese lady frowned. Since I wanted to get the bag so very badly, I followed up Candy’s statement with, “Give her discount, it’s her birthday today!” The old lady, smiled and gave in to our ‘tawad’. While packing the bag, my kulit nature blurted out, “Hey, greet her. It’s her birthday today!” The old lady smiled again and greeted Candy, “Happy birthday! Happy birthday!” Candy laughed and said, “Ok ka rin tumawad noh?! Hehehe!”

That was the last thing I bought. I’m done shopping. I did not complete my shopping list but I was so happy with all the things I bought for myself (and my mom).

Nikki was still nowhere to be found. So Candy and I opted to maximize our time and did some photo op. Say nyo, pati pagtawid may picture. Lakas talaga ng trip! Hehehe!


Nikki was on time to have met us up at exactly 5 pm. We needed to head back as we were scheduled to leave the condolel before 7pm.

The van took us early to the airport. So upon check in, we all wandered inside HK airport. Checked out some stores. Did some last photo op.


The HK airport is darn huge that it took us 30 minutes to get to gate 42, the Cebu Pacific boarding area. I then started to feel sad. I was leaving HK again.


Hope to go back again soon.Ā  Try ko naman magcelebrate ng birthday sa HK. Yikes, need to save up again!!! šŸ™‚

Til my next HK adventure! šŸ˜‰

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