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Hongkong Adventure (Day 3 – 060708)

June 20, 2008

Day 3: Giving up and Giving In

Since it was my second trip to HK, I appropriately set up our itinerary so I, as an equally paying traveller, could also see new things. In my first visit, my aunt took me to Shenzhen, China. It did not impressed me a lot though as I found the place a way too messy than HK. Or my aunt wasn’t just aware of that Windows of the World thing so my impression on Shenzhen was a bit nega 😦

Do you want to know how badly wanted to go to Macau? Prior to our trip, I spent lots of sleepless nights on researching about Macau. I have viewed numeruous photos and regularly read forums in Pinoy Exchange to keep me tab and informed of the must-see places in Macau. I was really hoping to see the Venetian Hotel, Fisherman’s Wharf and Senado as well as experience the night life as I learned that Macau turns into a little Vegas at night.

Here’s our planned itinerary for the day:

       8:00 am to 11:00 am – Kowloon Exploration/Cruise

       11:00 am to 10:00 pm – Macau, China

       10:00 pm onwards – Free time (good luck, if we still have strength :-))

Well, well, well, some disappointments segued on day 3.

I shared room with Nikki and Candy. And when I woke up, I immediately looked at my watch as was surprised to see it’s already 8am. And I thought, “Oh crap, we overslept! Need to head to the bathroom now!” But when I looked out the window, the skies were overly gloomy, so I got confused with my watch. Then I learned, it was still raining hard. I looked out the window for the second time and was surprised to see flood! Oh yes, you heard me right… may baha sa Hong Kong! So I thought, this will again ruin our itinerary for the day! Mishaps are coming in one after the other. Dang!

Since we can’t do anything much with the freaking weather, some of my HK co-travellers opted to oversleep a bit more and some got theirselves busy in front of the boob tube. While, I took the chance to go online, tried to check out the weather forecast in Macau as I was really optimistic that we could all explore the place later that day. But the forecast said otherwise. It was equally raining in Macau. So, I had to put my hopes down. Whether I like it or not, I had to give up Macau.

As all my companions were HK first-timers, they really wanted to make a trip to Ocean Park as we scrapped it out in our Day 1 itinerary. I wasn’t really that interested anymore to OP as I have explore the entire place during my first visit. Besides, I felt that riding the cable car without my mom is less fun for me. I thought, strolling in Central and Kowloon for some shopping spree would be more fun. But I was a minority. It was 7 to 1 on going to Ocean Park. I saw in my companions faces how they badly wanted to see OP. So I finally had to give up Macau and give in on goint to OP. Besides, no one knows how to go to OP but me 😦 I guess, I’ll just do my Macau itinerary on my next HK trip, hehehe! (May plans pa talaga bumalik ng HK noh?! :-))

At nearly 12nn, rain finally stopped and the streets are cleared from flood. So we started to get dressed to at least maximize our time. We agreed to head to OP at 2pm. Since most of my companions were not yet ready and dressed, Nikki and I decided to go to Central ahead to check out some stores.

At 2pm, everyone was at Central. We again purchased our tickets at Worldwide House… the discounted one, you know 🙂 Then, head off to Admiralty to take the 629 bus. The Ocean Park bus, that is!

Our time at Ocean Park was a bit short… I guess, only a little over 3 hours. We were able to see the main highlights though like Dolphin Show, Shark’s Aquarium, Coral Reef and Jelly Fish Sanctuary. Had two cable car trips. And that’s it. We were not able to explore the entire place. No roller coaster rides and other stuff that OP has to offer. So it’s not much of an adventure for me. But my 7 other companions had fun in OP, I think :-).

Here are some of our snap shots. Hope these would show fun and enjoyment in OP:





In fairness, puro group pics! Hehehe!                      

Since everyone was still at the top of their pasyal mood, we agreed to have a quick dinner and head off to Mongkok for some night shopping. And so we did.

Mongkok was more of a tiangge type. Items sold here are similar to that of Greenhills’ stuff. I had to give them pointers on how to get discounts as items are highly priced in most of the stalls in the Street Market. Dapat ang tawad, 50% agad! At ‘pag di binigay, magsuplada at umalis. The store owners/salesladies themselves will be the one to further lower down the price just to get the sale. Hehehe!

And when we got to Mongkok, Nikki and I asked our other companions that we separate ways so we could do our individual shopping. Besides, I wasn’t that much interested in buying in the Street Market. Nikki and I found ourselves in lots of shoe and garment stores. My being shoe fettish overpowered me that I didn’t notice, I got 5 pairs of shoes in my shopping bags. And I just got started, hehehe! Then, off to garments shops to buy some casual tops from Esprit and Bossini. (Oh yesserie, I still buy those 80’s brands as these are the cheaper brands in HK :-)) I think I got around a dozen tops from those stores. Not all mine though. Some were pasalubong for Mommy and some relatives. 🙂

It was 50 minutes past 11 pm and stores were starting to clean up as it was closing time already. So it was time for me to stop shopping. Too bad, I wasn’t done yet 😦 But it’s ok, I still have one more day to accomplish some shopping tasks… task talaga yung term! Hehehe!

To be continued… one last entry on HK adventure…

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