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Hongkong Adventure (Day 2 – 060608)

June 13, 2008

Day 2: Disappointment and Excitement

Our second day in HK was dedicated entirely in the hope to explore Lantau Island and some night shopping. We were supposed to follow this schedule:

          8:00am – 12:00nn – Ngong Ping/Big Buddah/Citygate shopping

          12:00nn – 8:00pm – Disneyland Resort

          8:00pm onwards – Ladies Market in Mongkok

It may look a bit simple, but I tell you, an itinerary like this will kill any naughty traveller’s feet. Even I, really hoped that I’d still have strength to brave Mongkok at night to do some bargain-items shopping.

Since we were all wanted to keep up with our pre-set itinerary, we left the condotel as scheduled. The skies were a bit gloomy so we were all geared with jackets. I tagged my every reliable hat with me while Nikki was more assertive as she has an umbrella with her. Some girl scouts there, eh! 🙂

We headed straight to Central to get us the MTR Disney unlimited day pass. According to the ads posted in the Central’s MTR Customer Service counter, that MTR card offered unlimited trips to various train lines. Tung Chung Line, the train line to Lantau, is one of them. With this in mind, we did not hestitate to purchase the said unlimited day pass.

For easier reference, here’s the generic map of the MTR stations. The Tung Chung Line is the one in orange, lower left portion please 😉


And so we all got in the MTR going to Lantau.

But while inside the train, we saw some drizzling outside. Rain started to build up. And then it rained real hard. We were all wishing that by the time we get to Tung Chung Station, rain will be a bit more bearable to walk through. Too bad, our wish was not granted. We all got stucked in Citygate Outlet. We all started to get disappointed.

More disappointments came our way when we learned that the Citygate Outlet only starts its operations at 10:30am. It was only 9:00am! That meant, we’ll have to wait for an hour and 30 minutes before we could do some initial shopping spree. Nikki and I opted to stroll inside the dim-lighted mall and have some coffee at a very nice cozy Stabucks-like cafeteria. The rest of our companions, however, opted to just rest, sit and do some photo op. Well, we all need to entertain ourselves. Otherwise, boredom will kill us all.

When some of the stores started to open their doors, we all rushed in to shop for good finds. Some bought their pasabulongs already. I did not do much shopping there as I was still thinking of our afternoon schedule. I don’t want to punish myself with lots of shopping bags while strolling in Disney.

After an hour or so of shopping in Citygate, we noticed that the rain did not stop… and has no plans of stopping at all! Huhuhu! We had to rethink our itinerary. From the looks of it, we needed to scrap out Ngong Ping and Big Buddha from our sked. It was really disappointing as I wasn’t able to see those places when I went to HK in 2006. I got sad. But there’s really nothing I can do about it. Bwisit na ulan yan!

Our wish for the rain to stop was granted at around 1pm. So, we are now one hour behind our schedule. And with some drizzle, we all went on to have some fun time at Disney.

The weather didn’t not look very promising as skies remained gloomy. But what the heck! Nothing can stop me from going to Disney. Not even the rain! (I only speak for myself though as most of us were not sold to the idea of having a rainy Disney adventure.)

Any Disney adventure is not complete without having a photo op at the famous Disney entrance. So, we all did our share of picture moments. And here is mine…


We all started to stroll together. I again acted as a tourist guide and advised all my companions how to maximize our stay in Disney.

We initially checked all the show schedules (which I failed to do in my first visit) so we could at least know how to properly manage our time.

We started off with the Stitch Encounter in Tomorrowland. It was a fun 15-minute interactive cartoon show/encounter. The Stitch voice-over was a kababayan which was evident on the perfect Filipino-English accent used all thpughout the show.

The Stitch Encounter exit apparently led us to the Space Mountain entrance. Being the adventurous kid that I am, I didn’t think twice and entered Space Mountain. I did not at all had a hard time in dragging Nikki and Candy along as both are equally adventurous as I am. While waiting for our turn, we got surprised to see Mina and Rose falling in line as both were afraid of dreadfull roller coaster rides. We instantly asked them to join us in our coach/coaster so we’d all share the fun together.

Space Mountain is really a must-ride in Disney. We all had fun. And guess what, a photo captured our thrilled faces while inside Space Mountain.


Ang saya noh?! Hmmmnn… next time nga, I’ll try to strike a pose! Hehehe!

The next thirty minutes were spent watching the Golden Mickey’s show. It was a very nice Disney-character-filled theater show. I was able to get some snapshots and short videos. It was also my first time to witness the show so I was equally thrilled and amazed as my other companions. The show revealed something to me though… Intsik pala sina Mickey Mouse, all the while I thought Amerikano sila! Hehehe!

The next 1 hour or so were spent having photo op with the famous Disney characters. I was able to share some picture moments with Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Pluto (who is in adik mode that time kasi OA sa kulit!) and Goofy. Too bad, there were no Donald-Daisy Duck and Chip-and-Dale in sight.

No more Disney character pics, huh?! OA sa dami eh! 🙂

After the Disney mascots photo op, Nikki and I got separated from the rest of the gang. So, we tried to explore the place a bit more and checked out the new “It’s a Small World” exhibit. We rode in a small boat and we were both amazed with what we saw inside. The entire place is overwhelming with lots of colorful dolls… in various forms… in various themes. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take still shots. But I did able to capture some video clips. Hope I could also share them with you.

We explored the place a bit more until we found ourselves stranded inside a specialty shop as rain poured harder. We were able to manage to ran to the nearest resto though so we could grab something to eat. We both had ramen noodles which was so perfect with the kind of weather that we were experiencing.

Rain somehow slowed down at 7pm so we were able to make quick rounds in some other specialty stores, which by the way, all shops sell the same darn things! Hehehe! Moving from one shop to another and broswing things over and again is such a fun activity for me. And so for Nikki, I suppose. 🙂

As soon as we’ve heard the fireworks announcement. we hurriedly proceeded near the famous and nicely lit Disney Castle. We weren’t able to get the best position/location though as lots of excited and patiently waiting spectators were already position in the central garden.

I took the best position I could ever hold as I already knew what to expect. The fireworks will last for around 10 to 15 minutes so I need to keep a steady position so I’d be able to take good video clips to show to my Mom. So, unlike in my 2006 experience, I really wasn’t able to see the entire fireworks display as I was too busy capturing the entire show both in my digicam and cellphone. I did an ok job though 🙂

For the second time, I enjoyed Disney. The colorful and spectacular firework display left me with a magical feeling. It was indeed a good way to end our Disney tour.


Til my next visit, Disney! Wish ko lang di na maulan on my 3rd trip 😉


Sad to say, the rest of the gang were too tired already so we all decided to call it a day. So our Day 2 itinerary was then cut short. We all headed back home to take a good night’s rest and prepare ourselves for our Day 3 adventure.

Still to be continued…

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