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My Manila OP Adventure

May 15, 2008

As promised, here’s my entry on my recent adventure at MOP (Manila Ocean Park) with Mommy and Potchie. I’d like to correct myself with what I wrote in my previous post, we didn’t actually spend the entire day at MOP. I guess, it was a roughly 4-hour adventure with the marine creatures. So here goes my story…

I might sound a bit disappointed as I was not extremely amazed with the facilities of MOP. I guess, my recent experience in the original OP in Hongkong contributes a lot in this so-this-is-what-MOP-looks-like attitude. But despite my sorry-im-a-bit-disappointed outlook, I still commend the MOP creators for building a nice and perfectly-situated oceanarium for local and foreign tourists alike.

Well, our adventure at MOP started at around 12 nn. I wasn’t suprised though of the huge crowd as it was Mother’s Day (not to mention it was a Sunday!). Upon entrance, we were given this white stub printed with a 707 number on it. I was initially puzzled what the stub is for. Sus, it was my number to get the actual entrance tickets pala. When I checked the e-counter, it displayed the number 420. Of course, I freaked out! The freaking sign meant that there are almost 300 persons need to be served before I can buy those freaking tickets! Well, until now I still am freaked out… hehehe!

I was really considering of changing my Mother’s Day plans but Mommy and Potchie both looked so eager to get in the oceanarium. So, I opted to wait… for freaking 1.5 hours! Good thing there are food stalls inside. Our little stomach were at least relieved from hunger.

So at around 1:30 p.m., I was able to get hold of our golden tickets. I really feel it’s a bit pricey (of course, as compared to HK OP) as facilities are limited to numerous aquariums only. Tickets are priced P400 and P350, for adults and kids, respectively. Senior Citizens (thank goodness, Mommy is a certified SC!) are extended with 10% discount. But still, it’s a bit too pricey for me.

I don’t want to throw more disappointing feedbacks. Anyhow, I was able to take good pictures. I’ll let the pictures redeem MOP’s promising image.

Here are our initial shots…





Since MOP features a vast marine life collection, I was able to take shots of some familiar cast members of my all-time favorite animated movie, Finding Nemo.

… andyan si Nemo, promise!
… this is the famous forgettable Dory.
… this one’s Gill, the Gang Tank leader.
… and last but not the least, Pearl. (Di nga lang sya pink :-))


Here are some other marine creatures that caught my attention:

… the Manila Puffer a.k.a. Butete. It’s my first time to actually see one.
… the Sting Ray a.k.a Pagi.
… the Giant Spider Crab. Sorry, no Tagalog translation. 🙂


The main attraction (except for the fish), I guess, was the tunnel aquarium, a very nice part of MOP. It was really hard to take nice pics though as there were lots of people doing the same thing, that is, taking good pics 🙂 Here are some of our shots… we’re again included in the pic.

… feeling happy! Hehehe!


I noticed that Mommy and Potchie were having a nice time. I think they are really scrutinizing this one…



… or is it the fish who’s scrutinizing them? Hehehe!                                                                     


Here, they are also busy looking at something. It’s as if they are confused with the specie inside the tank…



Know what they are looking at? Eto po…



Hala, akala ata isda rin ito! Hehehe!


The MOP is a bit small [for me] as it only took us an hour or two to actually see everything. Almost equal time consumed for that wait-in-line-first-to-get-that-freaking-ticket I experienced earlier. Hehehe!They have other offerings though which we did not avail as there are additional fees: Fish Spa for P100 and Boat Ride for P150.

I think MOP is still expanding as there’s an on-going construction. So for those who want to visit MOP, I suggest you wait for the final completion to at least experience the entire facility that MOP has to offer.

In closing, my MOP adventure was an OK experience. But as for Mommy and Potchie, I think they enjoyed their time there. So, do I have plans of seeing again in the future? I guess NOT!

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  1. May 24, 2008 2:24 am

    Ang taray!

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