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Funny MOMents

May 11, 2008

It’s Mother’s Day once again. But I don’t want to go sentimental with this post as I did last year. But as a loving daughter, I once again devoted this day entirely for my Mom… with my niece, Potchie, on the side.

I decided that we all spend the day at this new tourist spot filled with various marine creatures. Yep, you got it right! I took my Mom to the all-new Manila Ocean Park. But still, this post is not about our trip to MOP. I’ll be doing another entry on our MOP adventure. Just watch out for it 🙂

My post today is somewhat light-hearted and intentionally titled it “Funny MOMents”. Nope, there’s no caps-lock-typo error on that. It’s not original though as I saw it in one of the local channels. But I really find it amusing so I decided to use an almost-the-same title for my post.

For some of you who truly knows my Mom, you would agree with me if I say that she’s one of the coolest Mom you’ll ever meet. And despite her being 72 years old, Mommy has successfully coped up with all the fuss around us. Well, I always try to keep her tab with all these trend that I am up to. But sometimes, even I get extremely amazed how my Mom do her yep-I-can-keep-up-with-you-youngsters attitude. And here are some of my so-called Mommy’s Funny Hitlist… or pwede rin Mommy’s Funny “Hirits”:                                                                                                   

On buying Havaianas:

     Winkie: Ma, treat kita ng Havaianas.

     Mommy: Talaga anak? Sige, gusto ko yung mataas ah! (read: Havais High)

     Winkie: Sure ka? Baka mahirapan kang maglakad.

     Mommy: Mas masarap kaya ilakad ang mataas noh? Mas sexy!

     Winkie: (talking to self) Nanay ko, mas maarte pa sa akin!                                        

So, after I bought her a new pair of Havais High, we did our usual stroll. Until suddenly, I heard her blurted out this statement:                                             

     Mommy: Aray! Parang may tumutusok sa sapatos ko.

     Winkie: Huh? Jelly shoes, may tumutusok? Pantingin nga.                                          

So, I checked her shoes.                                                                                                                  

     Winkie: Wala naman ah!

     Mommy: Meron anak. Magpalit na lang kaya muna ako ng Havaianas?

Asus! Ayun naman pala, gusto lang isuot ang new flip-flops nya! Ang arte naman talaga! 😉                                                                                                                                                                      

On my thoughts on ‘religious’ calling:

     Winkie: Feeling ko, wala talaga akong religious calling.

     Mommy: Ay naku anak, alam ko kung ano ang calling mo… sa mga mall sale!                                                                                                                                     

On David Cook:

     Winkie: Ma, sa palagay mo magiging boyfriend ko si David Cook?

     Mommy: Eh bakit di mo siya i-email? Lagi ka naman nagco-computer eh!

     Hmmmnnn, very supportive Mom eh! Hehehe!                                                                                    

Kulit ng Nanay ko noh? Well, these are just some of her funny antics. There are a lot more but I can’t really write them all down.

So now, you have a simple glimpse of how it is to live with a mom like mine. 🙂                                                                                                                                                   


To all the Moms out there…

HAPPY MOM’S DAY TO YOU! May the Good Lord keep you blessed and grant you the love, peace and happiness that you truly deserve. 🙂

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  1. May 24, 2008 2:30 am

    LOL. Ang kulit ni mudra. Na-miss ko tuloy. Sabihin mo sa kanya, isuot niya ang Havais High niya on June 30 when you attend my diaconate ordination. Ha ha! Tigilan na sabi ang ilusyon kay David Cook e. Sinabi ng pangit ang magiging pangalan mo if ever> “Winkie Cook”… Pala kang tendela ng hopia na Entsek sa Binondo.

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