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Weekend Recap

May 5, 2008

I was suppose to post this entry last night but I was too darn tired to go online so I instead decided to snooze off early. My weekend was both tiring and fun that I thought of blogging out a recap.                                                                     


Together with 6 co-workers, I spent the entire day working in Lubao, Pampanga. Well, I think the right term is “we all worked with fun” as we facilitated some teambuilding activities with some dash of products info refresher on the side. This activity is traditionally conducted to hype up the company’s North Luzon Cluster annual meeting.

Oh well, apparently, I am part of this group of select employees (echos! ang bigat ng term ‘select’ kung ‘select’! but that’s how the company describes us :-)) called Real Change Leaders for 2008. We are tasked (read: additional task on top of the usual daily grind) to cascade the so-called company’s Whole Heart and Mind (WHAM) Way culture. Ok, ok, I won’t anymore continue discussing this culture and vision-mission thing as I might drag you to a far different topic.

And so, to continue on, my co-workers and I did our opening salvo activity and encouraged some employees to participate in some fun games. Of course, there were a bunch of feeling-alta-sa-ciudad employees who intentionally snobbed us and gave us that don’t-you-dare-drag-me-to-that-nonsense-thing look. But they did not stop us from doing our thing.

After the fun activities, we felt we successfully accomplished our task for the day. The participants’ smiling faces all attested to that claim. We even got a congratulatory SMS from one of the company’s top honchos and told us what we did was great.

Travelling back to Manila was a bit long and tiring as it poured really hard. Lightnings occasionally striking with electric power interruption while we were having coffee break somewhere in Angeles, Pampanga. Good thing, we passed through the new NLEX road via Clark so travelling back home was nowhere near bumpy.

It was a very long yet fun Saturday for me.                                                                                           


My mom and I again decided to spend time at the malls for some cool atmosphere. Actually, I had some hidden agenda why I dragged my mom to the malls… I wanted to buy a new pair of jeans! And I did! 🙂

My other plan was just to simply stroll around and canvass iPod prices. Hmmnn, are you sensing I have plans of buying myself a new gadget? Let’s wait and see, hehehe! I got a bit observant yesterday that I noticed and overheard random slip-ups along the way. And here are some of them…                                                                                                                         

(1) At a gadget store, a lady customer was asking for iPod features:

     Customer: Ilang kanta ang capacity ng 2gig na iPod?

     Sales Clerk: Mga 450 po, Ma’am!

     Customer: Ay konti lang?

    (Lady customer shifted her attention to the Ipod Shuffle shelf)

     Customer: Ay, liit naman nito! Ang cute!

     Sales Clerk: Yes Ma’am, maganda yan! For personal use lang talaga yan!

     Duh? Kelan naman naging for public use ang iPod?!?!?!?!                                                                   

(2) At a shoe store, I grabbed this nice strappy silver sandals:

     Winkie: Ma, tingnan mo to, ang ganda noh?!

     Sales Clerk: Ay mam, pwede pong isukat yan.

     Winkie: (gave the sales clerk a blank face)

     Haller???  Of course, pwede isukat ang shoes! That’s the reason why the term “shoe fitting” was invented! Duh?!                                                                                             

(3) At an ATM of one of biggest banks. Photo-supported po ito:


Hindi ata kinaya ng isang client at kinailangan nyang i-proofread ang sign… hehehe! In fairness, redundant naman talaga!                                                                                                                      

So, our last mall pit stop was the movie house. I also did not plan on watching any movie but we needed to kill time as it was still hot outside. We ended up watching Iron Man. I really don’t have a single idea who Iron Man was. For me, he wasn’t as popular as Superman, Spiderman or Batman. But what the heck, Robert Downey was in it! I used to have a big crush on him way before that drug addiction issue. I particularly liked him in “Only You” and “Heart and Souls”.


I initially thought that the Iron Man plot was a bit too complicated for me as I always get lost when the script leads into hard IT discussions. But suprisingly, the movie was really easy and fun to watch. The script was great. Robert Downey’s character as Tony Stark was so cool. Those random funny one-liners gave the film a good blend.

I completely liked Iron Man and might watch it again sometime soon. Robert Downey was such an eye-candy in this film!

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  1. May 6, 2008 4:11 pm

    hi bes, i remember when we used to do stuff like this. things i really miss. dito kasi parang hindi ganun ang commitment ng management sa mga employees nila eh, at least in the places i’ve worked at. happy na sila sa mga pakain sa mga cook-outs. training sessions are mostly boring lectures. hay… good job bes! keep it up!

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