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Paula’s AI Slip-up

April 30, 2008

I usually watch AI’s full eposide in its encore at 8pm as I oftentimes arrive home around 7pm. But last night, I wasn’t able to watch the encore as I headed to the Glorietta to watch the Aga-Anne movie. So, I had to watch its last airing at 1:30 a.m.

Last night was Neil Diamond’s week and all contestants were required to sing two Neil Diamond songs. I was really struggling between being sleepy and wanting to watch the entire show. And so when it’s time for the judges to comment on the Top 5’s first song, I thought I misunderstood Paula Abdul’s comment as I was too sleepy. Well, it wasn’t my sleepiness pala. Paula Abdul explicitly made a huge slip-up on national television when she commented on Jason Castro’s two performances eventhough it was just the first round. Here’s the clip:

Paula Abdul’s Booboo

Is Paula high on drugs? Or is AI totally scripted? Whatchathink?

Oh well, Paula’s recent booboo will definitely not stop me from watching the show.


Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Last night was the end of the road for Brooke White. The Neil Diamond Week finally sent her home. Too bad!

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