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Birthday in Baguio

April 24, 2008

There, I finally confessed it. I decided to celebrate my big day in the City of Pines. It’s so darn hot in Manila so I took my Mom with me up north for some cool birthday ambiance. I think the last time I spent my day somewhere outside Manila was 4 years ago in Tagaytay with the former beau. Well, I have been wanting to do that one more time and I guess the best person to spend it with is my mom. Besides, she should be the one celebrating for successfully giving birth to a 7.8-pounder healthy baby girl 32 years ago. So basically, this Baguio trip is really for Mommy. And to all my friends who thought na nagtago ako sa birthday ko, you’re dead wrong! This is my only valid reason of celebrating out-of-town.

Well, April 24, 2008 is day I turned 32. Yay! Such dreadful age. I’m really having this oh-great-I’m-way-out-of-the calendar notion. Yeah, yeah, yeah! It’s just a number, I know. But it’s really getting on my nerves. I more and more feel that I’m getting old. But as most my wise friends tell me, I really don’t look my age. Parang 31 years old lang! Hehehe!

My entire day was a bit simple though.

We left Manila at around 3 a.m. and arrived in the City of Pines some past 8 a.m. Then, we headed to our usual inn to check in and drop off our things. It’s no extravagant inn. I’m not so very keen on the facilities. I only look for comfort, cleanliness (toilet, that is!) and location. I want a place that is very convenient especially for a commuting public like me.

First thing my Mom and I did was to check out the mass schedule in Baguio Catheral. Well, of course, I need to allot an hour of thanksgiving to God. Luckily, there’s a scheduled regular mass in the afternoon. I then had to re-think of our day’s itenerary to beat the 5 p.m. mass.

On our way to find for a breakfast resto, I got surprised with what I saw. There’s a Havaianas branch in Baguio! As in sa baba lang ng Baguio Catheral. So how would anyone miss that? I guess you already know what I did. Oh yes, nagpanic ako! My mom and I went in and checked out their inventory. Sadly, they were out of stock of that pair that I have been eyeing on… that green Havais Slim! They don’t have my size *sad*. Para naman kasing walang Havais boutique sa Manila or Makati noh?! Hehehe!

We had our breakfast at Zola Cafe, right beside the Havais shop along Session Road. It was actually our first time to eat there. I used to pass by it as I had an impression that it was a bit of an expensive resto. I was wrong. I guess, I got a bit intimidated of their ambiance. Low lit and strongly painted with red and black kasi, hehehe! Their prices, I think, are on the average and affordable. And what’s even better is that they offer free WIFI access. Too bad, I did not take my laptop with me. Well, there’s always a next time. πŸ™‚

So after a quick breafast, we headed to The Garden in the Sky aka Tam-awan Village. I posted an entry about this some 10 months ago. Here’s the reference link: July posts. I promised myself that I would check out this place again on my next visit. And so I did. Besides, Mommy wanted to go back to there too as we weren’t able to explore the place that much due to time constraints.

Tam-awan Village is still very much the same except for the Art Gallery Exhibit. Woodcrafts by an artist named Gilbert Alberto aka GANO were now displayed inside the gallery. And here are some of his works… as always, extra ako sa picture πŸ™‚



BTW, we were assisted by a very nice girl named Jessica, who is having her OJT in Tam-awan. So our 2nd visit was a bit more informative as Jessica very well explained every bit of the place. Oooppps, don’t dare ask me if I was able to remember all the info huh?! I was busy receiving/reading birthday SMS greetings and replying my thank-you text messages. Ask my Mom if she learned anything from Jessica. Hehehe!

In less than an hour, we were done with our tour. But suddenly, it started to pour. Yep, I rained real hard mid-morning so it got a lot colder. Say nyo, iniwan ko pa naman ang jacket ko dun sa inn! So, we got stucked in the cafeteria the entire morning. It was still fine with me though as I got myself busy looking at the paintings and other artworks displayed on the walls. Yep, they were all for sale. Too bad, I don’t have much money to spend for those artworks but I really do want to own one. Probably I’ll buy one on my next visit πŸ™‚

Since there were no much more to do but to loiter and wait for the rain to stop, I opted to do another portrait session. I was luckier this time as there were 8 artists present to do my portraits. And so, I again took the hot seat… the model’s seat, that is! It wasn’t as nerve wracking as my first portrait painting experience. This time I was a bit more relaxed as I knew what to expect: (1) gruelling 20-minute please-don’t-make-large-movements position, (2) stare far far way and think of some happy moments that will eventually translate to a very happy face, and most of all (3) those 8 sets of artists’ eyes who passionately looked at me trying to capture every bit of my facial features.

I was again happy to have done this the 2nd time around. I got 8 beautiful portraits for just P100! What a nice birthday treat from the overly talented Tam-awan artists!

At around 2pm, we headed back to the inn. We needed to rest a bit as we were not able to get a full and restful sleep on our way to Baguio. Sadly, my mom and I overslept. So nothing happened the entire afternoon. We were just in time for the 5 p.m. mass though.

So right after the mass, we had dinner at Don Henrico’s along Session Road. I actually advised most of my friends that I’m having my birthday party/dinner at Don Hen. They just needed to RSVP so I could reserve seats. Too bad, no one was able to come. So, dinner for two na lang. Hehehe!

We just had some pasta and my all-time favorite, buffalo wings! Mommy offered to pay for the dinner. Treat daw nya yun sa akin. Sweet ng Mommy ko noh?! But here’s the catch. She borrowed her pocketmoney from me and told me that she doesn’t have plans of paying me back. So much for the libre! Parang ako rin pala nabayad! Anyways, it’s the offer that counts. Hehehe!


We had to cut our dinner short as I needed to watch American Idol… ‘lam nyo naman, fulltime AI addict ako! I didn’t want to miss the elimination episode. I knew that my all-time AI bet is so way safe this week. But I really felt sad to see Carly Smithson go. She was my favorite among the female contestants. So now, I am shifting to Syesha as my female bet.

So, that was my day.

Very simple.

Very relaxing.

Very peaceful.

And yet memorable.

But you know what made it more memorable? It’s the text messages, online greetings/comments/messages, well wishes and emails that you, my dearest friends, sent me. And not to mention, those sweet phone calls. Each and every message/greetings really made my day. You all made me feel extremely special.

So, from the bottom of my heart… THANKS A BUNCH!

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  1. April 18, 2009 2:57 am

    shuxxxxxxxx!!! daaaaayyy!!! hahahahahahaykenatbilibiiiiiiit!!!

    • April 18, 2009 3:00 am

      OMG uli!!! magka-beerday nga tyo!!! ang saya naman nito! πŸ™‚

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