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Inside the Dressing Room

April 19, 2008

Yesterday, Mommy requested that we spend the day at the mall as it was freaking hot in our house. I guess, temperature registered at 36 to 37 degree yesterday. So I instantly gave in to my mom’s request.

I really don’t have any plans of buying anything. My aim was just to eat, stroll (window shop, that is!) and probably watch Al Pacino’s movie, 88 minutes. And yes, we ended up doing all those things.

So, my mom and I had our usual window shopping and came across to this famous not-that-expensive-not-that-cheap fashion boutique. Of course, I ran into the sale rack the moment I saw the "50% OFF!" sign. I instantly grabbed this nice printed satin dress that I have been eyeing on. Being a supportive mom my mother is, she encouraged me to try it on. And so I did. I went to the dressing room to fit the dress. Masunurin ako eh! Hehehe!

Guess what? I think the dress looked good in me. (Backgrounder: I have actually ‘fears’ of trying dresses on as I might see it to look good on me and end up buying the thing.)

It took me quite a while inside the dressing room. Thinking hard if I really ‘need’ to buy the dress. I’ve so many unused clothes in my closet so I had to think if there is a need for me to a new dress. Yes, sometimes I have this weird habit of over-analyzing things. I really liked it. The neckline is so darn low but doesn’t give a slutty look. I got my cue when I further thought, "This dress is perfect for dinner dates. So kelan ko naman ito maisusuot?" 

Since I liked the dress that much, I instead took a picture of myself on it inside the dressing room. Yeah, I know, it’s unethical to take pics inside those four corners but I really needed to capture the moment. Here I am wearing that gorgeous dress:






Nice one, di ba? It might be out of fashion anytime soon though and I feel like it’s a bit conservative for me 🙂 But up to now, I’m still thinking if I should buy this dress. Aaaarrrggh, some girl’s shopping dilemma.

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