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Some YM Boo-boo

April 18, 2008

I had this weird experience last night while I was writing my previous post.

As always, I would log on to YM and keep tab on who among my friends are online. BTW, my YM is exclusive only to my so-called friends as I don’t want to clutter my list. And so to continue on with my story: In the middle of my blog writing moment, I saw an alert that someone in my YM list went online. And as always again, I ignored the alert. Yep, I don’t usually initiate chat conversations. Pati sa chat eh suplada ako, hehehe! Oi hindi ah, busy lang talaga sa aking pagsulat ng blog entry. šŸ™‚

Anyhow, I still checked out my recently online friend. I got a bit interested to send him (yep, it’s a male friend! hehehe!) as his avatar got my attention: a guy standing in front of a white CRV. Very cool pic indeed! So I shot an IM (read: instant message). Here are the initial exchange of messages:

   Winkie: Wow, nice car! Sa’yo ba yan?

   Chatmate: Yup.

   Winkie: Talaga? Ano yang car mo?

  Chatmate: Do I know you?

Then I thought, "Yikes! Na-Wow-Mali na naman ata ako!" But I replied and continued on with our conversation…

   Winkie: Oh sorry! Is this *****?

   Chatmate: Hehehe! I’m not *****.

   Winkie: Oh sorry! You’re in my YM list. I’m so sorry.

   Chatmate: Kasi ininvite mo ako dati pa.

   Winkie: Sorry po. I thought you were my friend.

   Winkie: You have the same initials as *****’s eh!

  Chatmate: Ok lang po.

   Winkie: I thought ito ang YM id nya kasi nag-accept.

   Chatmate: Ok lang. Wag mo na po ako i-delete sa list mo para chat uli tyo minsan.

Oh well, I ended up chatting with this new found chatmate and he started to ask some other let’s-get-to-know questions. The guy is kinda nice though but is too far away from me. Yep, we’re miles-and-miles and oceans-and-oceans apart.

So, am I hoping for this to turn into a romantic relationship? Naaah, I think I’m up for new online friendship only.

Remember my 2008 Opening Salvo post? This is my second online boo-boo this year. May pangatlo pa kaya ito? šŸ™‚

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