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Happy Birthday, Jaja!

April 11, 2008

This post is specially dedicated for a very fine young lady who is celebrating her birthday today… a sweet young lass who deserves all the beautiful things in life and true happiness that she truly deserves. Today is Jaja’s, my niece slash inaanak, 14th birthday.

Jaja is really very special to me as I witnessed her grow to be what she is now. I once played her nanny when I was still in college as I lived with them for a couple of months. Taking care of Jaja wasn’t an easy task. Jaja was a very delicate baby… and not to mention, heavy! (Oh crap, I know, she’d kill me as soon as reads this thing!)

Well, to give you a quick overview, here’s what she looks like when she was still a baby…




Great! She’s sooooo gonna kill me now for posting this pic! Hehehe!

Oh well, as I said, she’s grown to be a very fine young lady. But my description about her doesn’t just end there. Jaja is a very intelligent and ultra talented young lass. She has reaped lots of awards in a national competition she recently joined. She’s also musically gifted. She sings so very well that I mistakenly thought I was hearing Lea Salonga singing the famous broadway song "On My Own"… I’m not exaggerating huh? This girl really has a golden voice! (I’d like to think sa akin sya nagmana… kaso I’m sure maraming mag-aaklas! Hehehe!)

And, here’s how she looks now…


Happy birthday Jaja! Luv yah much!!!

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