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April Calendar

April 1, 2008


Lead Me Lord

Painting is such a waste of time, I used to say. Besides, it is not financially rewarding. So I pursued different roads, and conjured great dreams. But I did not dream with God. Then, tradegy devastated my life. I found myself in a deep and damp well; darkness covered all of me. I asked the Lord to drop a rope even if it had thorns, just for me to climb out and see the light once again. He reached out to me with paintbrush. I scribbled and dabbed some paint. There were colors. There was new life again. He led me through my healing and transformative journey. The day I started painting was the moment I started my life. – Joey Velasco


It’s summer time once again! Time to spend some fun time under the sun with friends and loved ones. Time to savor a well-deserved vacay. Time to enjoy life!

I’m a bit happy and excited as April is my birthday month. I really don’t have much planned to celebrate my special day with a blast but I do hope for tidbits of special things to come my way… and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Happy Sunny April to all!

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