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Saan ang Next Destination Mo?

February 27, 2008

I have been bombarded by this question for the past weeks. And whenever someone asks me, "Kelan ang next trip mo?" or "San ka this Holy Week? Boracay?", it would always put a smile on my face. Grabe ha, ano ako? Jetsetter??? Hahaha!

I never imagined people see my that way. Lakwatsera ako by heart but I don’t consider myself as jetsetter. Parang overly sosyal naman ang dating nun! Besides, I don’t normally travel in style… I just travel with so much prettiness and sexiness lang! Bwahahaha! (Kapal ng fez! :-))

Oh well, I really can’t blame my friends for thinking of me as ultra lakwatera. Mejo nagkasunod-sunod ang mga trips ko lately. Plus, my travel escapades are all over the place. Pics posted in Friendster and Multiply. Travel details blogged out on time… and in series format pa ha! And my willingness to promote all these to friends who come my way! Hehehe! Please bear with me on this. I’m really fond of telling my travel escapades and sharing my pictorial moments with ya’ all. 🙂

Frankly, I don’t have any trip/s planned yet. I’m thinking though of going out-of-town in April (yep, I really want to celebrate my special day somewhere else). Or do another roadtrip somewhere north (hopefully one of my best highschool buddies can go home to Pinas for a short vacay). But right now, I can’t really tell just yet where my next destination is. Mag-iipon muna uli ako! Hehehe!

Anyhow, I thought of sharing further my past escapades… those that are extremely special to me. Wiz na yung mga simpleng Batangas and Tagaytay trip huh?! Hehehe! Oh well, here goes…

  • Baguio City, Baguio. The not-so-far-yet-not-so-near getaway for me. I first went to the City of Pines in 1995, my college barkada’s father’s graduation treat to me (Na-gets nyo kung sino nagtreat? Hehehehe!). Sponsored fare lang ako. The rest of the gastos eh kinupit ko lang from my kuya (a.k.a. cousin) and told him that I’ll be off for a sleepover at a friend’s house in Paranaque. Salbahe ko! Liar noh?! Hehehe! The trip was fulfilling and fun though. I enjoyed the place so well and it was a very liberating experience as it was my first-ever trip after 4 gruelling years in college. I now keep on coming back to Baguio just to experience its cool atmosphere. I even travel by my lonesome self just to stroll along Session Road, experience over and over again my tunganga moments in Minesview and spend some solemn time in prayers at the Pink Sister’s Convent.                         
  • Puerto Princesa, Palawan. I soooooo love this place. I went to see Palawan in 1997, my first trip ever. And say nyo, this was a birthday treat from a friend! Ang taray noh?! Ang suerte ko sa libre! Hehehe! I was able to experience all my "firsts" in this trip. Ooooppss, don’t dare think of naughty thoughts huh?! Heheheh! First in almost everything. First local trip na malayo. First ferry ride. First island hopping experience. First time to wear a 2-piece swimsuit (mejo baduy nga lang yung style that time! boyleg…. eeeww!). First long vacay (7 days po kami dun). First airplane ride. And a lot more "firsts" of my life. This is definitely one of the most memorable and special trips that I will truly remember. Palawan is indeed a very nice place. Clean and peaceful. It’s definitely one of the best places I would consider settling down in my old age. (Drama! Hehehe!)
  • Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu and Davao. Dami ba? Well, this one is so very jetsetter! Hehehe! My office sent me to these places in 2002 to do some product/promo orientation in 6 branches. What’s so tiring about this trip is that I had to visit all these places/branches it in just 3 days! I travelled Monday early-morning to Bacolod, then moved to Iloilo in the afternoon. Cebu on day 2 and Davao on day 3. On the 3rd day, I was so uneasy and nauseous already. Too bad, I wasn’t able to enjoy each of these places. But I promised myself to see them again and spend sometime there someday. I’d probably spend more time in Davao. I also like this place so much. Very clean and peaceful.   
  • Puerto Galera, Orriental Mindoro. I really can’t remember when I first set foot on this place. I just remember that I was with some officemates then. It was also a not-so-far-yet-not-so-near escapade for me. The nearest Boracay-like beach for me as it’s just a bus-and-boat away from Manila. I kinda liked the place a bit that I also kept coming back. Oh well, it’s the nearest place where I could display all my 2-piece swimwears. Hehehe!                     
  • Ilocos Province. This one is a bit recent, 2006 I guess! My farthest north so far. I went there with two of my high school buddies. It was just a simple roadtrip… as in trip-trip lang talaga! A simple day tour! Yep, you read it right… day tour! As in we arrived in Vigan at 5 a.m. Spent the entire morning going to major sites like Calle Crisologo, Baluarte, Pottery House, Bell Tower, Crisologo Museum. Then in the afternoon, off we go to Ilocos Norte to see the famous Bojeador Lighthouse and stunning Windmills. And at 8 p.m. of the same day, we all found ourselves going back to Manila. Some roadtrip there, huh?! Hehehe!
  • Hongkong, China. Ah this one wasn’t planned at all. My aunt invited my mom to go to Hongkong last Dec. 2006. Since they have a free accommodation, nagpumilit akong sumama! So sabit lang talaga ako! I paid for my fare though. Huhuhu! But the good thing is I ended up enjoying the trip! Hehehe! This is a very memorable trip for me and my mom as this is our first trip together. And say nyo, outside Pinas pa hah! Hehehe! We stayed there for 6 days and was able to spend lots of fun time in Disneyland and Ocean Park. Of course segue na rin sa Schenzen, China as it was only a train away. This is a very fulfilling trip for me as I felt Mommy trully enjoyed the place so well.
  • Boracay Island, Aklan. This too is a bit recent… and the cheapest, I suppose! My choir friends and I were able to avail of the Cebu Pacific Piso Fare and get a very afforable yet nice accommodation package (thanks to Vida!). Boracay Island is actually one of my dream escapades. Truly a place of fun, sun, and bikinis! And the sunset is so overly awesome. I really fell in love with Boracay! I plan to go back there sometime soon… hopefully with a beau already! Hehehe!
  • Panglao Island, Bohol. Aaaah, this one is the most recent. My 2008 opening salvo treat for Mommy. Our first local trip together. We were also blessed to be in the company of my officemate (Nikki) and her hubby (Danny). This trip will not be the same without them. This couple really rocks! (Oi Nikki and Danny, may bayad ‘to ha! Credit nyo na lang sa account ko! Hehehehe!) Seriously, this is an awesome and fun trip. Too much to learn about our country’s history.

Now, do you think I am a well-travelled person? I still don’t think so. There are a lot more places that I would like to see and visit like Camiguin (yep, another 2-pc moments), Batanes (mala-Lord of the Rings daw dun eh!), Zamboanga (gusto kong makakita ng vinta), Surigao (carry ko kaya magsurf?), Sagada (I want to commune with nature) and lots and lots more places here in Pinas. Not to mention other countries that I wish to see… and my top most dream is definitely Paris, France!

Long way to go. Wish I could see them all and share them with you as well.

So, til my next trip! Hehehe!

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