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The Paparazzi In Me

February 3, 2008

I just want to share some funny photos I took from my most recent trip in Bohol. On our third day in the beautiful island of Panglao, I saw this strange foreigner lying on the shore, savoring Bohol’s tropical surroundings and perfect-for-tan sunlight.

I instantly associated the guy to a person so very familiar to most of us. Caucasian-looking. White beard. Big tummy. Do they ring a bell? Too bad, he wasn’t wearing his famous red suit. Anyways, it’s not Christmas season so he’s allowed to wear anything he likes.

I really had fun looking at the guy. Para talaga siyang si Santa. Check out my cute photos of Panglao’s St. Nicolas…

Img_2239 Img_2240



Feeling paparazzi talaga ako from the second floor of the resto. Kaso di ko na talaga matiis. I had to take a better shot of him since I really plan to write an entry about this funny experience.

So I dragged my Mom to the shore. Nagdrama pa ako na kunwari pipicture-picture in front of him. And when he smiled at me and Mommy, I didn’t think twice to ask for a photo with him.

Eto statement ng lola nyo, “Hi there! Can I have a picture with you? You look like Santa Claus.”

Sumagot naman at sabi, “Yeah, I know. Sure.”

At sagot na naman ang lola nyo, “I just want to post you in my blogsite. I’ll tell my friends, I saw Santa in Bohol.”

And then, nag-collapse ako. Di lang ako nagnosebleed… naubos ang dugo ko! Hahaha! Joke! Di yan naganap ha! Hehehe!

Kaya, heto po. Here’s my pic with Santa Claus in Panglao Island…


Katuwa noh?! Parang Santa Claus talaga! Kakandong sana ako… kaso baka di ako bigyan ng gift! Hehehe!

Oh well, this is just an initial glimpse of my Bohol trip. Watch out for the full kwento in my next entries (as in plural ah! hehehe!)

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