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January Calendar

January 9, 2008

Note: This entry is a bit late as I planned to post this on the first day of January.

I love paintings a lot. I really admire (I think, envy is a more appropriate term for this :-)) people who can paint really well.

I was overly amazed with the special calendar I bought in the office in support to our company’s fund raising activities for Don Bosco. The calendar showcases the paintings of Joey Velasco, a Don Bosco alumni. It’s a collection of extra-ordinary artworks that depict Jesus in a very different way. Each of the painting has a story to tell… a story about Jesus in the lives of the marginalized.

I’d like to share to you the January painting and the story behind the artwork.


Hapag ng Pag-asa

Ten-year-old Emong is the boy drinking juice and sitting next to Jesus. I showed him a Hapag reproduction. Excitedly, he pointed at the man breaking bread and said, “Uy si Jesus! Nakita namin sa kalsada yan, pagod at gutom kaya niyaya naming kumain… minasahe at pinatulog.”. Such a cunningly powerful message from a boy. This is a banquet of poor kids who invited Jesus to dine with them.


I initially planned to post all 12 paintings but some of my friends with dial-up connections (hey, you know who you are! hahaha!) might have troubles loading this entry, so I opted to give everyone a monthly doze of Artist Joey Velasco’s painting. I will try my best to post each painting on the first day of the month for the rest of the year.

BTW, I googled Joey Velasco’s site. For greater appreciation of his other artworks, you may click on this link:

Happy viewing! God bless y’all!

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