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A Valuable Comment

January 7, 2008

Just this afternoon, I received an email from my good friend Jopet. It was his first email for this year. It contained comments on one of my entries entitled "Christmas Lowdown". His comments are really worth posting so I asked his permission if I could make it as an entry. I really find it interesting and thought that there might be other readers out there who share the same sentiments and comments about that one specific entry. Here’s Jopet’s email in verbatim:                                                                                    

"Hi bes, happy new year! I was in friendster yesterday and I was able to read your recent post. I just would like to tell you how I felt after reading your Christmas Lowdown posts… well, frankly, I was very disappointed and sad. Bes, I will not tell you this if I wasn’t your friend, let my say that first. To start with, I was disappointed on how you view the Christmas celebration in general. As I was reading your post, I was hoping to read something in the lines of something spiritual, you know, like something past the gift wrappers, decorations and shopping and more toward the real reason for the season. I know that with all the commercialization of the holiday season, the real reason for Christmas gets bured in all that, and we became cynical and everything becomes routine and just ordinary. It really made me sad. It was the "low" in lowdown. I kept reading until the continuation still hoping to find a turn in your outlook. Unfortunately, I did not find it.

My hopes were raised a bit on the next post titled My Best Christmas Gift. I thing somebody up there was reminding you who it was that the season was named after. I’m gald that it was this gift that you considered the bes that you received.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about and that they are all in your heart, they just didn’t make it on your posts. Just like all the highlights of your entire 2007, all those blessings and the friendships brought closer by frienster, may God continue to shower you with His grace and love all throughout this new year and the years to come. God bless you Frances :-)"                                                                        

Such note-worthy comment and analysis! Honestly, I agree with Jopet. I am completely aware that there was really something missing in my entry. So, I emailed him back with this reply:                                                                                             

"Ei bes! Thanks for the comments. Sorry to have disappointed you but I really did not dwell on the spiritual aspect of Christmas. I wanted to post that as another entry but I didn’t have much time na. When I re-read my entry after posting, I really wanted to edit and inject the real reason for the season kaso I felt na sobrang hahaba na sya so I just concentrated on my simple observations and how other people celebrate Christmas in our community. I just wanted to write about the things I miss about Christmas. Bes, very much intact pa rin po ang aking idea on the real essense of Christmas. As a matter of fact, I wanted to write about things from the advent recollection I recently attended here at the office. It was not just another advent recollection as there are a lot of new things I learned from that simple session. I wanted to share them through my blog as well kaso I know it will take me forever to compose that special entry as I need to keep it in a much serious mood. I have my notes on my cell pa nga kaso I dont’ think I’m suited to discuss serious topics like that.

I feel sad for myself as well for having such feeling about Christmas. I feel sal to see how Christmas is celebrated in our place. I feel sad to see the decreasing number of churchgoers whenever we sing for the Misa de Gallo. I feel sad to see young teeners attending Simbang Gabi as I know they only do it out of yayaan ng barkada. There are a lot more Christmas lowdowns that I wanted to write about. There’s a lot going on in my mind but I can’t write them all down.

Fr. Manoling’s CD was really the best gift I received. It’s not the CD per se, but the dedication written on it. His words "God bless you" was the best part of my Christmas this year.

Happy New Year to you, Bes! I hope my entries about Christmas will not keep you from reading my blogs."                                                                           

I hope I didn’t sound overly defensive with this reply. But Jopet’s comments were rather constuctive and made me further realize that it was my mistake not to mention the real esssence of that special day. We all know that Christmas should be about the boy born in a manger and that Christmas should be celebrated with HIM through the Holy Eucharist. Probably, this is the reason why the season is called CHRIST-MASS.

These things were already on my mind when I was writing those entries, but still, I concentrated on the lowdowns and other superficial things we do on Christmas day.

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