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Resolutions, Plans and Wishes

January 5, 2008

I have heard a lot of people making New Year’s resolutions. I’ve even read some articles about making resolutions and how to make one’s life better. I’ve also checked other personal blogsites and read other people’s resolutions for 2008.

I’m not actually a fan of New Year’s resolutions. Honestly, I have never made a single resolution in my 31 years of existence. For me, resolutions are so much of a challenge. Keeping hard-to-achieve promises. Veering away from bad and not-so-bad habits. Trying to be good for one whole year. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Such difficult things to do.

As always, I wanted to do things outside of the norm. So, I’m listing down my so-called resolutions. I call this, New Year’s resolutions with a twist. I thought of listing down my bad and not-so-bad habits that I intend to continue this year and the years to come. Here goes…

  • Keep drinking Coke Light for it completes my daily meals.
  • Spend more time at Starbucks for it strenghtens my bond with friends. I really enjoy my chat-over-coffee moments with friends.
  • Drink occasionally as it allows me and my friends to have wonderful nights-out.
  • Shop for things my heart desires for they give me small pleasures. I’m keeping strict watch on my bills though 🙂
  • Keep my "kulit" nature for it makes my life so overly balanced. It makes me sane and lets me veer away from that other side of life called "sadness".
  • Maintain my "sungit"  and "suplada" self for it protects me from being hurt, figuratively and literally speaking.
  • Continue being "kaladkarin" for it allows me to spend time with friends and relatives who need my presence in an instant. It’s my simple way of telling them, "I’m always here when you need me."
  • Maintain my one-of-the-boys image for it allows me to express myself more and not think of being so prim and proper.
  • Keep my "kikay" self for it enhances my feminine side. Girl din po ako paminsan-minsan 🙂 However, sometimes I feel it’s overly enhanced already that I tend to let out my "arte" self 🙂
  • Keep writing and updating my blog eventhough your inbox is already clogged up with "Winkie has updated her blog" notice. Hehehe! Sorry, I don’t really know if we can turn that blog notice off 😦
  • Keep my internet addiction for it allows me to do a lot of things from staying connected with friends to paying my bills or booking flights online to checking out the latest fashion/buzz to reading lots of stuff to downloading songs to virtually tavelling to any part of the world as all things are just a google away 🙂
  • Be more attached with my iPod for it keeps me company in my alone time.
  • Stay textually active for some obvious reasons… to keep connected with friends pa rin 🙂
  • Be more active in my mall tours… this is definitely one of the things my mom and I enjoy doing together.

Some weird resolutions there, eh?! 🙂

There are also some things that I want to accomplish, hopefully this year. And what if I can’t fulfill them? No biggie! I still have 2009, 2010, 2011 and so on. Here are my other plans though:

  • Go to my next pit stop… BOHOL! I already have a plane ticket and I’m taking Mommy with me! 🙂
  • Celebrate an out-of-town  (if not out-of-the-country) birthday, Christmas or New Year.
  • Travel! Travel! Travel!
  • Have at least one grand change in my life. I still don’t know though what aspect of my life I would like to change drastically. Residence address? Employer? Country? Or surname? What do you think is best? Hehehe!
  • Get rich… then bumili ng lalaki! Hehehe!

So, how about my wishes? I’ve just one wish this year, that is… TO GET MARRIED! O bakit? Gusto ka lang po magsout ng wedding gown at mag-walk down the aisle. Wish nga!!! Wish!!! Pwede naman di matupad yan eh! Unless, my fairy godmother would like to grant me my wish this year! 🙂 But in case this won’t happen, eh mapipictorial na lang ako sa Boracay wearing a beautiful wedding gown! O walang kokontra, ha! Hehehe!

Oh, I have another wish pa pala… but I think I’ll keep it to myself na lang. Mejo bad yung wish ko eh! 😛

How about you? Any resolutions, plans or wishes for 2008?

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