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My 2008 Opening Salvo

January 2, 2008

Kwento lang po ako uli…

For the past weeks, I have been receiving lots of invites for another Friendster-like site. It’s called WAYN and stands for "Where Are You Now?" I’m really not interested to create another profile page online as I am contented with my Friendster account (despite the things I read from other blogsites that Friendster is obsolete now) and my recently created Multiply account (which is way too great to manage, kaso naman 5 lang friends ko dun… so sad!) Basta, I just don’t like to maintain lots of profile pages on online. That’s what I thought. But on the 5th email notice-con-invite, I finally gave in and created another account in WAYN. The site is equally easy to manage and quite fun as account owners can easily see profile viewers in real time (parang internet banking ang dating! :-)).

Anyhow, tuloy ang story… I got viewed by an old-time friend. So naisip ko, hinanap siguro ako ng bruho. His primary photo was very familiar as he emailed that to me some years ago. I instantly added my friend to my Buddy List. He posted lots and lots of comments on almost all of my Boracay photos. Some are rather flirty. I didn’t get offended though at all as I have known him to be so very praising on ladies… but he’s nowhere near bolero. He was just an average outspoken guy. And after reading his funny comments, I decided to post a message. Aaay, di ko po ide-detail yung message ko. But I told him, "kisses to my inaanak". Yes po, kumpare ko sya!

When I opened my account this morning, aba, I have 3 instant messages! Yes, pwede po mag-chat online via WAYN… mas hi-tech noh?! Hehehe! So, I opened the IM window.

He asked, "San ka sa Pinas, Winkie?"

Hala, nagtaka na ako! This guy was supposed to know where I exactly live. Pumupunta kaya sya sa house namin together with his GF some years back noh?!

Tapos, nagtanong uli, "Why did you say kisses to my inaanak?"

Hala, lalo akong nagtaka!

So I asked the guy, "Are you _ _ _ _ _?" (Ooops sorry, I will not mention names po!).

Sumagot naman at sabi, "Oh sorry, I’m _ _ _ _ _ Senior. Daddy nya ito."

Yikes! Tatay pala yun nung friend ko! Ginagamit lang yung ang profile at pictures ng anak nya!

Grabe, para akong binuhusan ng malamig na tubig! So, binalikan ko yung mga photo comments. I then felt, yung tatay ng friend ko almost hit on me! Eeewwww, kinilabutan ako! It left me laughing for quite a while though. Anyhow, I still talked to the guy… the "daddy", that is. Naging magalang naman po ako sa lolo nyo and I properly ended our conversation.

Well, sobrang liit talaga ng mundo… even on the online world! I got randomly viewed by a strange guy who didnt have the slightest idea that I am friends with his son… and worse, ninang ako ng apo nya! Hahaha!

Hay grabe, feeling ko na-Wow Mali ako! Very funny experience! Some good opening salvo for 2008, huh?!

Oh well, don’t bother checking out my profile on WAYN, I already deleted it po. 😛

HAPPY 2008 GUYS!!!

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