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My 2007 At A Glance

December 30, 2007

In a matter of hours, year 2007 is about to end. And before it does, I’d like to share with you some very important things happened to me in the past year. Please bear with me on this one as I will just write things in random. Here goes:


  • Took Mommy, TJ (my nephew) and Pam (Mommy’s ever-reliable home companion) to Baguio.


  • Got active in the online world again. Re-activated my friendster account after I received an invite from a special friend.
  • Bought my first pair of havaianas sandals 🙂


  • Went to Bora with Mina, Evelyn, Arlene and Candy. Met up with Ghie and Vida as well as they were also having their vacay in Bora.
  • Met up with a special friend. The fortune-telling session was really fun!
  • Started my 6-month product presentation stint in the office.


  • Celebrated a very simple birthday.
  • Went to St, Mark’s Chapel in Laguna with friendship Nangski.
  • Got promoted at work. Yipee!!!
  • Started my blog here at Friendster… I was overly pleased with that promotion thing eh!
  • Got myself an iPod… shuffle lang! Big deal for me? Naaah!!! Nahiya lang ako dun sa nagbenta 🙂


  • Spent a simple Mother’s Day celebration with Mommy (of course!) at Glorietta.
  • Got reconciled with my aunt on Mother’s day after a 6-month cold war 😦 Not a big deal disagreement though, something like tampuhan lang.


  • Started to visit my nieces and nephew in Paranaque… and then, I became a habit!
  • Got myself another iPod… nano naman! Eto big deal na! 😛
  • Fell in love 😦


  • Went to Baguio for an official business trip… the last pit stop of my product presentation stint.
  • Had myself painted by 7 wonderful Tam-awan artists… truly a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience!


  • Had a small reunion with high school friends as (Fr.) Jhoen went home for a short vacay.


  • Joined our IT group for the TIM Bowling Competition… ooopps, I’m not a professional player, feeling player lang po! 🙂
  • Lots and lots of nights-out with select choirmates and high school friends… truly fun bonding moments!


  • Had Mommy celebrate her 72nd birthday at Wave 89.9’s Concert in Silvercity.
  • Post-birthday dinner treat for Mommy at Italianni’s.


  • Got a bit brokenhearted… pero sandali lang, naka-recover agad!
  • Visited Tatay’s tomb in Cavite.
  • IT bowling team won 1st place… Level E nga lang! Hehehe!
  • Stayed for overnight at Shang-Makati with my cousin and his family… had a grand time!
  • Went to Enchanted Kingdom with Mommy, Mina, Candy, Evelyn and Theo.


  • Braved Divisoria and Quiapo twice for some Christmas shopping. I really feel blessed to have got out of those places unhurt and unrobbed. Thank God! 🙂
  • Had a girly night out with Ghie and Vudz at Casa Armas.
  • Attended our company’s Christmas Party dubbed "We Love the 80s".
  • Had dinner at Seaside in Macapagal Avenue with Gary, Ghie and Vida… plus Marc and his brother.
  • Watched an internationally acclaimed circus show, The Wanders, at Pagcor.
  • Owned 15 pairs of havaianas sandals. Adik! :-B

Oh well, these are just tidbits of my happenings in 2007. But do you know the real highlight of my life this year? It’s you! Yes, you read it right. Your friendship is truly one of the best blessings I always thank God for. A lot of friendship has been strengthened by this Friendster thing. It made me got more and more connected to you. That simple viewing of profiles and pictures. That sending of comments, messages and smiles. And that reading of my blogs. I really do not know if I have imparted anything to you. But I hope my writings drew us closer together and gave you glimpse of my daily roller-coaster.

So as the year ends, let me thank you for the wonderful gift of friendship you have shared with me. I’m looking forward for more wonderful years of togetherness… upclose and/or online.

Hope to see you in my 2008 blogs!


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  1. December 31, 2007 10:08 pm

    tissue please… 😀

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