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My Christmas Lowdown… continued!

December 26, 2007

Just moments after I posted my last entry, I received a text message from Quennie, my officemate, asking about the details why we don’t celebrate Christmas the way we used to do. Mejo bitin daw yung story. Grabe, may phone in question agad! Hehehe! Well, I was really suppose to drill down on details about us not having our "usual" Christmas but I felt it might lead to a much more dragging story so I opted to cut it short. Besides, my nose began to bleed na rin! Hahaha!

To Quennie, the answer is very simple: THINGS AREN’T THE SAME AS BEFORE. Just like any other family, life has become more and more complicated for us. A lot of things have happened. Some people left have left for various reasons. But some, like my mom and me, are still in the same house… in the same community… in the same surroundings. But there’s one thing common among us, we’ve all turned out to be busy freaks. Busy in our own lives… in the lives the we chose to live. Some are too much pre-occupied with their own family life and some are way too busy with their own careers (ehem!). Too busy that we can no longer organize something for one special ocassion. Too busy to have a small reunion on Christmas day. Besides, our family has grown bigger… too big that we can no longer gather each and every relative in a single place.

I really want to revive our old ways of celebrating Christmas so we could also pass it on to our nephews and nieces. But the sad thing is they also have their own way of celebrating it… they opt to celebrate it with their friends. Well, too bad, they’ll never get to experience the kind of Christmas that we had in the good ol’ days.

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