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My Christmas Lowdown

December 25, 2007

After all the fuss, merry-making and months-long preparations, Christmas Day is finally over. It really amazes me how we prepare for this one special day. And after Dec. 25, kaboom! In a snap, all the excitement will just die down! So sad but true!

Years back, I was also guilty of participating in such over-rated preparations. I would buy stuff and shop for gifts as early as August or September. I would always take advantage of mall sale and buy Christmas gifts ahead of time. I would take time to do my usual "mall tour" to get that specific item Mommy would like to hang in our cute Christmas Tree (maarte ang Nanay ko, gusto kasi laging may bagong Christmas decor at color coordinated ang lahat!). But what amazes me the most is that Christmas simply ends after those traditional stuff we do like exchaging of gifts, giving out presents (and money!) to inaanaks and pamangkins (i have lots of them!), eating scrumptious food (not guilty with this one as we don’t usually prepare lots of food for Christmas… actually, no food at all since dalawa lang kami sa haus and we don’t usually have guests ;-)) and those bonding moments with family and friends.

For me though, Christmas ended yesterday before lunch time… right after my inaanaks and pamangkins grabbed their gifts under our Christmas tree. It’s fun giving out their gifts. It’s a bit of a cliche but it further confirmed that Christmas is really for kids. So for me, yesterday was just an ordinary event… a simple day that was about to end in a very simple way.

For more almost 10 years now, Dec. 25 has been routinary. I would always stay curled up in my bed and pretend sleeping til mid-morning to play tricks with my pamangkins. This is such a killer trick and pisses them off big time as they are all too eager claim their gifts from me. Then after my pamangkin-tricking activities, Mommy and I would have lunch together. Then…. nada! I will just sit, loit, wait and lay on the couch all afternoon and wait for some inaanaks and pamangkins to claim the remaining gifts under our tree. Pag di pumunta, forfeited ang gift! Reclycled na sya for next year! Hehehe!

Christmas has become boring for me over the years. I really feel that Christmas has become so overly superficial. Christmas nowadays is simply wrapped in those fancy color-coated wrappers with Santa Clause prints matched with the usual gift tags with "Season’s Greetings" text printed in red font. And what happens next after we open those gifts? It gives us a certain short-lived happiness. It makes us smile knowing that we got that one specific item that written in our Christmas wish list. But what if we don’t like the gift? It disappoints us big time. We just smile and thank the person. Then, think of recycling the gift for any upcoming event. Haaay grabe!

Call me Ms. Scrooge or The Grinch, I wouldn’t mind at all. I hate it when random kids (and even male teeners) would stop in front of our house, greet me "Merry Christmas, Ate!" and expect me to give money as they hand a box with "Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!" written on it. Yes, I live in a  community wherein people would make Christmas a living… bluntly put, I live in the midst of "extortionists". People who think that Christmas simply revolve on receiving money and gifts even from total strangers. They have made Christmas not only superficial but meaningless as well. Well, I so sorry to tell them but I would never give in on their lame tactics! I also hate it when people say, "Pabaayan mo na, Pasko naman eh!" or "Okay lang yan, Pasko naman!" Being kind during Christmas season is like a pre-requisite. So, does this mean it’s okay to be bad or somewhat madamot if it’s not Christmas season? Tama ba understanding ko? Eh sorry talaga, that’s not how I perceive Christmas.

I wanted Christmas celebrated the way we used to do it years ago. Christmas is all about spending time with family. Having some quality and fun time together with aunts, uncles and cousins. Being with loved ones and making small histories together that are worth passing on to the next generation. Playing fun parlor games that would leave everyone rolling and laughing out loud. Having a ‘monito-monita’ in some very weird ways.

I want my Christmases celebrated that way. I want it celebrated with a blast and so much fun! I want it celebrated with loved ones. I guess, I just need to think of something else for next Christmas so as to break this my-Christmas-has-become-boring-over-the-years notion. I want my next Christmas with my mom (and hopefully with another special person) celebrated in a much different way. Besides, I am also entitled to have a special Christmas, don’t I?                                                    


And to that special person from my past: Belated happy birthday to you, my dearest! Hope you had a blast celebrating your special day. You are always in my thoughts. 😉                                                                     

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