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Blast from the Past

December 13, 2007

I knew my weekend will be a bit stressful. I have a lot of things lined up for my entire 3-day weekend. Yes, you read it right! I had a 3-day weekend. At last, I was able to file a  vacation leave last Monday! I was able to rest from work for a little while. We all need a little break from work, don’t we? Sadly, mine was a bit toxic as I needed to do a lot of things:

  • Attend company’s Christmas party (I was forced to go, it’s appraisal time in the office :-))
  • Accompany Mommy to Divisoria (eventhough I know it would really tire me big time)
  • Decorate the house (as of this writing, no single Christmas decor is pinned on our wall as I’m too lazy to glam up the house. Christmas is nowhere in my system now. Don’t dare ask! Di ko alam kung bakit!)
  • Do the laundry (not just any laundry huh? it’s a two-week laundry! aaahhh!)
  • And of course, meet up with friends (whoever would call or text me for a long stroll in the mall or unending coffee session at Starbucks)

Last Saturday, I was taken back to the past as my company chose the bright, colorful and fun era of the 80s as its theme for our Christmas Party. Dressing up of the party was quite an easy thing as the "in" fashion nowadays is just a sleek version of the 80s. Off shoulder, big belts, colorful jelly shoes or sandals, bright colored hairbands, large dangling earrings and baston pants (they are just called skinny jeans now!). Well thank goodness the most famous acid-washed pants were not revived. Those things were just horrendous, don’t you think? Well, I was a bit young to be in fashion during the 80s but I was well aware of what was happenning around so I also consider myself as a child of the 80s.

Anyhow, the party was a bit of a blast. Lots of my co-workers opted to religiously stick with the theme. Some ladies came in their Madonna and Cindy Lauper outfits while the gents were in their Jacko get up. Well, who else are worth immitating in that era??? Some younger gents, however, chose to look like Robby Rosa and Ricky Martin wannabes who seemed more than willing to dance as soon as they hear the song "Explosion!" played on the nicely set-up mixer on the stage.  Looking at my oh-so-well glammed up co-workers really brought me back to the golden era of the 80s.

The highlight of the party though is the oh-so traditional group presentations where my ears got numbed with those Madonna and Jacko music. Not to mention the most famous Bagets theme song that would make you sing the moment you hear the lyrics,

    "We used to be frightened and scared to try

     Of things you don’t really understand why

     We laugh for a moment and start to cry

     We were crazy…"

O, kumanta ka noh?! Hehehe!

Here’s a revelation: I was part of our group’s presentation! Yes, after 31 years, I discovered that I somehow know how to dance. Hahaha! Sumkinda kadiri lang, kasi Street Beat at Rico Mambo ang tugtog! Very Maricel Soriano, noh?! Hahaha!

Here’s another revelation: So very kapal-muks ako sa party namin... I danced all night (as always!) at pati stage eh di ko inurungan! Here are some proofs:

Welove80s_495_1                  Dancing with Naldz… this guy really knows how to groove! Grabe, ang galing sumayaw nyan!


                      Sumasayaw na, nagpapa-picture pa rin…


                             Adik! Pose agad eh! Hehehe!

                                                                                                                                              Looks like I had fun, huh?!


Speaking of past, I think I missing someone from my past. I always miss this guy during Yuletide Season… I just hope he misses me as well. Hmp, feeling senti at pa-cute! Hehehe!


This is all for now. I will post my Divisoria stint on a separate entry. Later!

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