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Please Give Me A Break!!!

November 17, 2007

Setting: Iceberg’s Resto at Harbour Square, CCP Complex

Characters: Winkie and two (2) other friends

Friend 1: “Eh teka nga pala, Winks. Ano ba plano mo sa buhay? Alam mo, feeling ko tatanda kang dalaga!”

Winkie: (thinking…)

Friend 2: “Oo nga, Winks! Ano ba kasi hinahanap mo? Ano ang requirements mo sa lalaki?”

Winkie: (speechless…)

Friend 1: “Gurl, you’re not getting any younger. Next year eh wala ka na sa kaledaryo noh?!”

Friend 2: “Kasi naman, Sis! Ang taas-taas kaya ng standards mo!”

Winkie: (sumagot na sa wakas) “Standards??? Di mataas ang standards ko noh?! Actually, di ko na nga alam kung may standards ako eh!”

Friend 1: “Hay naku, di na ako magugulat if you’d end up an old maid! Eh teka, gusto mo mag-anak ka na lang?”

Friend 2: “Yeah, hanap ka na lang ng good breed.”

Winkie: (nagtaka… sinabi sa sarili: “Good breed? Ano ako? Aso?! Hehehe!”)

Friend 2: ” Eh Sis, ano ba talaga ang hinahanap mo sa lalaki? Nakakataka lang kasi. You look ok naman, eh bakit wala ka ring ‘papa’?”

Winkie: (malapit nang maasar…)

Friend 1: “Ayaw mo ba man lang mag-explore? Go out on dates. Eh teka, baka naman kasi conservative ka magdamit kaya di ka napapansin ng kalalakihan!”

Winkie: (asar na ng konti) “Ako, conservative magdamit? Kelan?”

Friend 2: (wearing a fitted plunging neckline blouse) ” Haller, di kaya conservative yan noh? Mas conservative pa kaya ako magdamit dyan!”

Friend 1: “Look at what you’re wearing now? Three-fourths long-sleeved polo? Tama ba yan?”

Winkie: (naasar na nang tuluyan) “Ano ka ba? Galing ako ng office noh?!”

Friend 1: “Eh what do you wear when you go out on gimmicks?”

Winkie: (proud pa!) “The usual… skimpy clothes… body hugging blouses. At pag shorts, super short shorts talaga! You know, the usual me!”

Friend 1: “Ah ok. Try ka kaya ng ibang strategy… balutin mo naman kaya yang sarili mo! Harharhar!”

Funny? Not for me! This conversation transpired 2 weeks ago when I met up with 2 of my closest college friends. Isa lang ang gusto kong isagot sa kanila, “Pleeeeaaaassssseeee, give me a break!”

For the nth time, I heard that silly annoying question again! For the nth time, I had to explain myself to others again! And for the nth time, I had to re-think if there is something wrong with me.

I guess, this ‘standard’ thing has become more and more annoying as time passes by. I feel that this Winkie-having-high-standards notion has become so overated. People are expecting specific answers from me whenever they throw that “Ano ba kasi talaga ang requirements mo?” question. Eh teka, san ba kasi nagsimula yang ‘standards’ thing na yan? Sino nagsabi na I have such high standards? Why do all people I know think of me as such?

I have done an entry on me-having-high-standards already in the past and I somehow made fun of the topic by listing some of my so-called wish list for a guy. Yeah, those are good-to-have characteristics and when you try to read through it again very carefully, I am in fact looking for someone who is close to perfection. All those characteristics are hard to find in just one guy… pwede siguro 5 guys, 2 characteristics each! Hehehe!

Well seriously, I’m really not a fan of that ‘standard’ thing… it really annoys me big time! As I would always say to those who aren’t tired of asking me that annoying question, I’m simply into compatibility… physical and attitude wise! I simply want someone who shares the same values and beliefs as me. Simple lang… yung jive lang kami! That’s all I want. And when I find that right person, I will accept him the way he is… his whole persona… his whole being. No if’s, no but’s. Yun nga lang, I would expect that ‘right person’ to do the same for me… to accept me the way I am. No if’s, no but’s.

Well, I know someday that special someone will come. And when that time comes, I would gladly shout to the whole world, “Habemus Papam!” (I now have a new ‘papa’!)

So for now, let me do my thing… let me enjoy life… let me live my life the way I wanted it to be. Just give me a break from all those annoying questions… please!!!

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  1. November 25, 2007 9:45 am

    You don’t go looking for love coz it will find its way to you. Whether today, tomorrow or in ten years, dadating yan. More often than not, mas mali ang nghahanap at nagpapanic, so tama yan, enjoy life, enjoy Mommy, enjoy your friends and your pamangkins, para pag dumating na siya, ready ka na to give your all to him. At pag wala, ok lang no? D nila alam kung ano ang namimiss nila, d b friend? Luv yah!

  2. November 26, 2007 3:09 pm

    hindi na kita gagatungan by saying “YEAH! You tell them, girl! Hah, so called friends…” No, I won’t go there anymore. damang-dama ko ang panggigigil mo. So, I’ll just second what your other true friends said and would say, that, it will come when it does. just enjoy the moment, spend it with the people you love, your family and true friends. coz whatever happens, they are the ones who will be there for you. God knows what’s best for us, keep the faith bes. God bless.

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