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My Weekend at the Shang :-)

November 11, 2007

I really don’t have anything planned last weekend as I wasn’t feeling too well. I was having this severe headache last Friday which lasted until Saturday morning. (A friend once told me to  always tag it as “migrane” para sosyal pakinggan! Hehehe!). My migrane (o, sosy na ba pakinggan? hehehe!) got me bed-ridden for a while. But as soon as I felt better, I gave in to a friend’s invite for a stroll in Glorietta (grabe, kaladkarin talaga ako! hehehe!).

While my friend and I are busy doing our usual rounds, I received a text message from my niece. It was another invite… dinner at the Shang! Who in the world could say no to that invite?! Too bad, I had to leave my friend… Shang-rila Hotel kaya yun noh?! Hehehe! Yeah, I really felt bad for leaving my friend but I already bribed her with a cup of mocha frap for that selfish act of mine 🙂

Well, to cut the long story short, I ended up staying at the Shang with my cousin, his wife and their three kids. As always, the highlight of my stay with my cousin’s family are the times spent with my 2 nieces and nephew. I really like hanging out with them as they all bring me so much joy. The two ‘dalagitas’ are always pumped up to having some girls talk with me while the youngest would always make lambing that makes my heart melt.

My Shang weekend was somehow different. I was able to spend some gimmick moments with my Kuya and his wife. We had a couple of drinks at Conway’s Bar. Well, as always, I would opt for San Mig Light. Eto namang Kuya ko, extremely shocked at marunong ako uminom ng beer! Sus, San Mig Light lang? Eh kahit ata isang case nun kaya ko! Hahaha!

The music was somewhat familiar to me as the band played songs from the 70s and 80s. I was so very eager to hit the dance floor but I wasn’t with my usual gimmick buddies so my two left feet remained in comfy position under our table. It wasn’t my kind of crowd anyways. The dance floor was filled with middle-aged socialites and hard-to-understand-if-they-know-to-groove foreigner dance enthusiasts. I’m sure magmumukha lang akong jologs kung makikisayaw ako sa kanila… hehehe!

We were having so much fun watching the ‘elistas’ groove and grind their booggie and swing steps until one of the band members announced that the next song will be played for a very special lady. The band member then said, “This one’s for you, Mom!”. No one dared to hit the dance floor… not even those sweet couples in the audience dared to dance with the song “What A Wonderful World”. In the middle of the song, one of the band members got off the stage and took that special lady. She was a 92-year old lady. He escorted her to the dance floor and they started to dance so beautifully together. T’was such a very nice site… the kind of scene I don’t usually see everyday. The old lady owned the dance floor. That very moment, all eyes were on her. She really owned that moment! That nice scene got me teary-eyed. It made me think, “I want to grow old like her. I want to have that moment some day… especially in my old age.” The 92-year old woman seemed like she was having the time of her life. Her persona reverberated in the entire room… a persona of a very fulfilled woman!

Our second day was equally fun. We had the ‘usual’ buffet breakfast and a quick dip in the hotel’s famous swimming pool. But that simple dance scene at Conway’s Bar was definitely the top most highlight of my weekend at the Shang.

This is all for now.

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