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Happy Birthday, Mommy!

October 30, 2007

My mom celebrated her 72nd birthday last Saturday, October 27. I really don’t have anything grand planned on her special day as we cancelled our Baguio trip due to the unstable weather. It’s really hard to travel up to the City of Pines on slippery roads. Besides, we just went there a couple of months ago.

So, why not take her to Enchanted Kingdom? She could at least re-live her Hongkong Disneyland experience… on a much cheaper expense! Then I thought, baka ako lang ang mag-enjoy as she is not so fond of taking those near-death-experience rides! Kahit nga tsubibo eh ayaw sakyan! Hehehe!

Good thing, my cousin sent me an SMS invite for the Wave 89.1 Concert two days before Mommy’s big day. I instantly requested for tickets reservation as it was for FREE! Well, I thought it would be a totally outrageous birthday celebration she’d never forget… and the most important of all, it’ll save me a lot of moolah! Kuripot! Hahaha!

Well, we started her day by hearing the 12-noon mass at the Sta. Cruz Church. Yeah, it’s my fault! I woke up late. We then headed to Robinson’s Manila to eat at Recipes Restaurant. As I said, nothing grand. And after our usual rounds at the mall, we headed back home to change and meet up with my friend, Mina, who joined us to watch the concert.

It was concert time. Having a white-haired old lady falling in line the Silvercity lobby (the concert venue) was really a different site for all music enthusiats. I wish you could witness that funny site, too! As soon as we entered the concert arena, Mommy, Mina, Potchie (my daughter-wannabe niece) and I immediately grabbed seats near the stage area. Too near that we could almost see the pores of the guest artists! Hahaha! All the while we thought that it was a collaboration of great artists as it was dubbed “D Gathering 2007”. We then found out that it was a launching concert of an upcoming soul singer named Thor. Anyways, we’re there to see the more famous ones like Luke Mejares, Jay-R, MYPM, Nina and Sitti.

I really do not know why my Mom get to experience a different kind of birthday no matter how simple we celebrate it. Two years ago, she had a photo op with FG Mike Arroyo and Mayor Lito Atienza while we grabbed some Jollibee value meals at Plaza Miranda (jologs talaga namin noh?). Last Saturday was also particularly special… my  mom went up the stage in the middle of the concert! Imaginge that! May isang lola na nakikigimik at nakikisalamuha sa mga young ones… well, my mom will always be young at heart!

I was the one to blame for that Mommy-walking-up-the-stage experience. When the DJ-con-emcee asked for birthday celebrants in the audience, I immediately pointed my mom (pero si Mina rin nakituro huh?! hehehe!) I can almost feel the male emcee tell me, “Sira ka rin noh?! Pati Lola mo pinagti-tripan mo!” Well, since show business runs in our blood, walang patumanging umakyat sa stage si Mudra! I feel a little ashamed at first, but then again I thought, “Bakit ba?” It was kinda weird but I feel so happy for Mommy as I felt she was enjoying the spotlight, eer limelight pala! 🙂

Truly, it’s another birthday worth remembering! I may have not given my mom’s greatest desires but I guess I somehow made her happy on her special day. I am actually not sure what her true desires are, but I have three guesses in mind… eto po:

(1) Trip to Singapore… ang taray, nag-ipon na sya ng plane fare nya huh!

(2) The joy of having an apo of her own… she really wanted to experience this all her life!

(3) For me to have a family of my own… we’ve already talked about this once some years ago pa!

Well, I think I’ll just save up for that Singapore trip for her next birthday… parang suntok sa buwan yung last 2 wishes nya eh! Although, item # 2 is some-kinda doable! Hehehe!

Happy birthday, Mommy! All the best for you! Wish you longer life and the pinkiest of health… at nawa’y ma-experience mo talaga magka-apo 🙂

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