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The Single Women’s Sentiments

October 23, 2007

Lately, I always find myself talking to my equally-single friends. May it be online (yes, voice chat included!) or may it be upclose over a cup of Starbucks mocha frap (venti, of course!), we would always end up talking about the single girls’ endless topic… SINGLEHOOD! What else is new?! Our topics would usually range from simple I-wanna-have-a-relationship to where-the-hell-is-my-Mr. Right to what-if-I-am-married-now scenarios. We sometimes discuss things like independence, dependence, having children, being a single mom, kinky stuff (hmmnn, naughty girls!) and anything that you could ever think of.

Truly, single girls’ sentiments are all over the place whenever my so-called unattached girlfriends and I hit the all-girls-talk corner. Apparently, I share some of these sentiments. Some sound rather desperate and pathetic (ooops, sorry for the word!) but some are simply funny that are too hilarious not to be shared.

I will not mention any name of my equally-single friends… otherwise, they will kill me! (Actually, I feel that they would all hunt me down as soon as they read this post. Yikes!). These equally-single friends are of the same league as me. We all have our own careers. We like to hang out as if there’s no tomorrow. We buy things as our hearts please. We save up money to see and go to wonderful places. We all try to live life to the fullest. But despite of it all, there are some lame mind-boggling questions that we (sige na nga, myself included) can not seem to comprehend… things that I’d like to call as “life’s greatest mysteries”.

Anyhow, here are some of the most common sentiments, predicaments, questions and statements that I usually hear during our usual chikahan-over-coffee and endless-pamorningan-chat sessions. Mind you, some of these are in verbatim! Some are just plain translations or something-to-that-effect statements. Please excuse some foul words as these were uttered by extremely irritated women. LOL! Again, not in chronological order, huh?!

  • “Where the hell will I find Mr. Right?” (Clueless talaga!)
  • “Hmp, buti pa mga bading, may papa! Ako wala! Waaah!” (Sourgraping!)
  • “Do you think there is someone really meant for me?” (Truly confused!)
  • “Why do I attract the wrong market? Kung sino yung di ko type, yung ang nanliligaw sa akin!” (Mapili pa!)
  • “Bakit ganun? Pangit ba ako? Bakit wala akong BF?” (Feeling insecured!)
  • “Haller, di hamak naman na mas maganda ako sa GF nya noh?!” (Laitera naman! LOL!)
  • “Ang tatanga ng mga lalaki! Mahilig sa mga pangit!” (Bad! Bad! Bad!)
  • “Buti pa sya may ka-holding hands… di ko na alam feeling ng may ka-holding hands eh!” (This one’s pathetic!)
  • “Ang hirap naman kasi, yung mga good breed eh taken na!” (Sourgraping again!)
  • “Punyeta, kaya nagkakaubusan ng lalaki… ang daming bading! Pati sila kaagaw pa natin!” (Galit sa 3rd sex?!?! LOL!)
  • “Hmp, di naman mataas standards ko! Di ako pihikan noh?!” (This statement is mine! Hehehe!)
  • “Hmmnn, siguro lang mataas na ang standards ng mga lalaki these days.” (This is mine again! Hehehe!)
  • “Why do I attract the wrong market a.k.a. married men? Mukha ba akong mistress material?” (Yes, I told this to myself once! Nyehehe!)
  • “Haaay, guys are so immature! Intimidated sa successful women!” (Aaahh, this one is not mine! Hehehe!)
  • “Baka naman kasi wala talagang inilaan si Lord for me?” (With matching teary-eyed ito huh?! Hehehe!)

And the most classic statement for all time…

  • “Lord, hanggang kailan po ba ako maghihintay???” (Eto naman, while kneeling at the adoration chapel! Hehehe!)

I’d like to quote a simple comment my 13-year old niece once told me. It’s kinda serious and slightly religious though and goes something like this, “You need not to worry, Tita! God is preparing the best one for you kasi you have patiently waited. For the meantime, enjoy your singlehood. Savor life! Besides, you don’t need to have that special someone to make you happy. You have your family and friends who love you so very much. And they are the ones who truly matter.” Yes, these words came from an early-teener.

I think my niece’s statements are very innocent and true. But things aren’t as simple as that especially when you are still single at 30’s. As I said, I share my equally-single friends’ sentiments. I feel that these sentiments or predicaments are only but normal. This reminded me of this funny email conversation I had with a friend some years ago. My friend wrote, “Ay Winks, single women in their 30s usually end up either with a gay or married man. You choose! Kaya dapat ngayon pa lang eh nagpa-panic ka na!”  Please don’t get him wrong. It was his odd way of telling me to go and find a “boylet” soon! Well, I just wish that finding a “boylet” is as easy as 1-2-3!

Haaay, it’s really hard for single women to live in the midst of the couple’s world. A world that expects everyone to have a special someone… a lifetime partner… a better half.

So, to all my equally-single friends, I guess we keep my niece’s statements in mind for the meantime. Let’s savor life. Enjoy our every minute to the fullest. Live our singlehood with pride. And always keep these words in mind:

“It’s their loss, not ours! Sorry na lang sila at di nila tayo matitikman!” LOL!

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  1. October 31, 2007 10:26 am

    words of wisdom for all of singlehood:

    “birds of the same feather, fly away.”

    “the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”

    “ang sobrang mapili, nauuwi sa bunge.”

    kidding aside… it’s only when you leave your comfort zone and take risks that the rewards seem sweeter. the only downside is it’s also here where the disappointment and pain seem sharper. but hey, no pain, no gain!

    be sharp, keep a keen eye out for every opportunity… kahit bading, baka kayo lang ang hinihintay nyan para maging straight!

    and lastly, glance at the watch… time is ticking… spend it wisely with the ones you love. bakit? kala nyo i was talking of the biological clock? or the train conductors watch? Ay teka, oo nga pala ano…

    peace and love!

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