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30 Things I Miss the Most…

October 6, 2007

I have lots of ‘alone time’ on my way to and from work. And during these times, my iPod and cellphone are the only things that keep me company. This so-called ‘alone time’ also gives me time to think… about lots and lots and lots of things in my life. Just the other day, while I was on my way to work, I thought of things that I truly miss… things that I haven’t done or people I haven’t seen for quite some time now. And so, I thought of writing it down and sharing them with you.

Here are the top 30 things I miss the most. Again, not in chronological order.

  1. A good laugh… one helluvah good laugh with friends.
  2. A meaningful conversation… I like talking about life and its deeper meaning.
  3. My crying time at the Adoration Chapel… I used to frequent our parish’s Adoration Chapel and cry my problems out to God in prayers. I’ll do this again one of these days.
  4. Watching 3 to 4 movies in a row… sa movie house, huh? I used to do this with a friend at ang sakit ng ulo namin after watching those movies 🙂
  5. Traveling alone… as in going far far away by my lonesome self. I was planning to go to Baguio yesterday kaso tinanghali ako ng gising eh!
  6. Traveling with friends… as in road trip or mega out-of-town travel!
  7. The beach… I like to spend some relaxing time at the beach, besides may mga 2-pc swimsuits pa akong di nasusuot!
  8. The spa… or simple Shiatzu massage. Sarap ng feeling after every massage, di ba?!
  9. Pa-morningan gimmicks… as in inuman sa bar, huh?!
  10. Dance-til-you-drop gimmicks… this is a superb stress-reliever!
  11. Sweating out in an athletic activity. I’m not a sports buff but I tried playing volleyball and badminton… ibang klase ang pawis on these sports!
  12. Jogging alone at CCP… then, taebo after the jogging session. Try this some time… ok din to jog alone. Just make sure you have your iPod or MP3 player with you para deadma ka sa world 🙂
  13. Shopping for jeans… matagal na rin akong di bumibili ng jeans. Imagine that?!
  14. Eating as if there’s no tomorrow… yung parang gluttony mode! I’m on a diet again… di na kasi maisuot yung mga ibang damit. Sayang naman kung itatapon lang 😦
  15. Wearing skimpy clothes… no special occasion to wear such clothes, eh! Kainis!
  16. Mango-flavored ice cream… this is my favorite!
  17. Lazy coffe hours at Bag of Beans… and I really mean hourssssss!
  18. Unplanned dinner in Tagaytay… panalo ito!
  19. Breakfast at Starbucks Valero… kelangan talaga specified ang branch?! I used to have my daily breakfast here, eh! Sosyal noh?!
  20. The black car that used to park outside our place… my official transport service to work. And the best part is it’s free of charge!
  21. Short hair… I tried a bob-cut once and kinda liked it. Kaso magastos sa mousse as my hair is too straight and needed to be styled to keep it prim.
  22. My long shiny black hair… I used to have this great looking hair before. I now have silver streaks… kasaar, mas na-stress ako whenever I see them!
  23. Simple hang-out with my college barkada… not sure if it’s still possible for the four of us to meet in one simple kita-kitz.
  24. My father… he was my best friend before I became real close to my Mom. I’m a daddy’s girl po!
  25. Father… try to speculate on this one! Hahaha!
  26. Holding hands… yung may romance involved, huh?!
  27. Sweet hugs… yung may romance involved uli, huh?!
  28. Kisses… yung may romance involved pa rin! Preferrably with so much passion. Hehehe!
  29. Tunganga moments… with special someone, of course!
  30. I miss him… eto di ko rin alam kung sino… basta I’m missing someone right now! (Hmmnnn, pa-mysterious effect noh?! Hehehe!)

Well, as you would notice, some are doable. But for some, too bad, I will just have to continue on missing them!

This is all for now.

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  1. October 23, 2007 5:44 am

    Bakit wala ako sa list? 😦

  2. October 23, 2007 7:46 am

    Jhoen, ang topic eh things I miss the most… hindi people I hate the most! Bwahahaha!

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