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Funny Correlation Between Shopping and Men

September 14, 2007

This post has long been due as I have thought of writing this article years before I created my blog here on Friendster. Since I now have this blogsite, I thought of giving it a try. Hope I could do it well. Here it goes…

I am a self-confessed mallrat. I really don’t know why malls keep me relaxed even if it entail endless strolls which later on give me an I-can-no-longer-walk-coz-my-feet-are-too-numb feeling. It really helps me unwind from my busy life at work. Every Friday afternoon, I would always rush from work as soon as my computer clock hits 5:30 pm. People can expect to see me strolling my way to the nearest mall. And most of the time, I am alone as I want to spend this special mall-day-of-the-week with my lonesome self and perfectly execute my stroll-til-you-drop window shopping activity without any guilt. There are times though that I tag a friend or officemate along… para naman may kasama akong mapagod sa paglalakwasta sa Glorietta! Hehehe!

My weekends are almost always spent at the malls basically for the following:

  • Shop (I don’t buy too expensive items though!)
  • Grocery (I do this every other weekend a.k.a. after-payday weekend)
  • Dine out (if there are something to celebrate for or Mommy is just too lazy to cook)
  • Meet up with friends (most of the time at Starbucks, where else???)
  • Watch movies (I used to be a full-time movie addict but now, I watch highly-rated films only)
  • And my no. 1 classic habit… window shopping!!!

Well, we all know that shopping and men really don’t blend that much. I have known a lot of men who accompany their women to the malls. But they would always end up sitting on the sofa of every shoe and clothes store. Very seldom do I find men who are willing to help out women to browse tons of garments scattered around those famous only-for-girls stores during a mallwide sale. I guess, men really think that shopping is such a ‘girly’ activity that could and would never be part of their oh-so-manly intrests… unless they are the ones who tagged us to shop for those all-similar-looking rubber shoes, hard-to-understand-why-they-buy-such-thing car accessories and I-actually-don’t-need-but-just-want-to-upgrade gadgets and the worst place that they could drag us in… Handyman or Ace Hardware, where else?!

Whenever we are at the malls, we see signs or identify items depending on their status. There are these usual ‘shopping signs’ that we don’t pay much attention to. But for me, they don’t simply go unnoticed. Despite this unmatched notion about shopping and men, I thought of a funny correlation between the two. Let us individually decode them now…

  • New Arrivals. I relate these items to flavor-of-the-month kind of guys. They are considered as the “in” thing for the season or more popularly known as ‘fad’. Guys who would last for 6 months to 1 year (Rough estimate only, huh?! Hehehe!). Girls usually take the new-arrivals-kind-of-guys only for fun… and are usually replaced when there’s another set of “new arrivals” coming their way, thus, making the current beau obsolete. Eeerrr, that’s bad huh?!

  • Display Items. These are the “almost perfect” items we see in every display window. They are considered best of the best. The most attractive and highly-saleable product any store could offer. And if they were gadgets, they are the ones with the highest specs. Just like men, they are the nice-to-have kind of beau… but are too irritatingly perfect! Other women are lucky to have these “display item” kind of guys. They don’t work for me though as I don’t go for guys like them. I would rather pass on and stay away from them as they would only emphasize my imperfections. Display-item-kind-of-guys are not definitely in my league!

  • Stock Items. These are the “replicas” of the aforementioned display items. But prior to purchase, we need to try them on and check if they fit well or look good on us. We need to thoroughly scrutinize them before we make our trip to the cashier. And if you see some damages, don’t worry because there will always be this 7-day return-and-exchange policy… and in the case of actual relationships, we call it as “break-up”. Hehehe.


  • On Sale Items. I love discounts. Sale promotions are like kryptonites for me. I get things at lower prices. They give me so much savings. And they allow me to buy more things! There are actually 3 reasons why items are sold on discounted prices: (1) there is an on-going mallwide sale, thus, all regular items are marked down at 5% to 10%, (2) a particular store is having an end-of-season sale with price cuts from 50% to 70%, and (3) there is a clearance or everything-must-go sale where discounts are pegged at more than 80%… simply because the store is closing down! Ouch! But at any rate, these are the ‘bestest’ finds. These, on the other hand, are correlated to all-in-one-package kind of guys. They possess the man-of-my-dreams characteristics which truly gives great value for our money! Sana lang uso rin ang ‘buy 1 take 1’ for these kinds of guys! Hehehe!


  • Sold Items. Whenever I see “sold out” tags on items that I really like, I would always end up saying, “Sayang, I should have bought that thing last week!” I associate these “sold out” items to the so-called “married men”. These are the guys who could have passed my standards (Although I would always deny that I have standards on men, hehehe!) but are unfortunately taken or owned by some lucky women. Single girls like me can only admire them from afar and wish that “manufacturers” will someday make something of the same kind… or better yet, an upgraded version! Hehehe! A female friend of mine once entered my bedroom and commented that I have nice taste on furnitures (Ooops, I’m not bragging huh?!). I think my furnitures are rather simple and easy-on-the-eye. I jokingly replied to my friend, “Ay sorry ka, nabili ko na yan! Not for sale!” This again can relate to those “sold out” items. I think that these same words are uttered by wives/women whose husbands/men are still very “papable” despite their “attached” or “committed” status.

But don’t fret just yet! There’s one more type of item that I will not miss out. These are outside-the-mall shopping alternatives and actually offer greater value for money. We call them by the name of “ukay-ukay”… short for “halukay-halukay”! Hehehe! Honestly, I don’t really enter ukay shops here in Manila as I find it rather nakakahiya to be found inside such stores. But whenever I am in Baguio, almost 50% of my time is spent in “ukay-ukay”. Here’s a little trivia: Baguio locals are not familiar with the term “ukay-ukay” since it is more popularly known there as “wag-wagan”.

Anyhow, here is my special correlation-con-explanation of ukay and men:

  • Ukay Finds. There are a great variety of items found in an ukay shop. Ultra-obsolete things, but others would coin them as ‘vintage items’. Overly-used shoes, bags and clothes… one more use and to Payatas dumpsite they go! There are a lot of really ‘good finds’ in ukay shops though… most especially those slightly-used items which can be mistakenly identified as brand new but was dumped by the owner just because they are so-last-season. Ukay session is such a time-gruelling experience. You have to dig deeper and look harder in order to find that “one” good find. I then relate these items to guys who were dumped or abandoned by some women for one reason or another. On-the-rebound, separated or divorced guys would perfectly fit the bill. As I said, one just has to look a little harder in order to realize that these guys are “such good finds” as well. So as the sayng goes: “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure”. There’s just one downside though… these men always come with excess baggage! Well, we just have to live with it! Hehehe!

For me, purchasing a “good find” is somewhat of an accomplishment as I usually spend much time browsing and canvassing for items before I buy them. I also have this very strange habit of hopping from one mall to another just to buy a specific item that I really like… the main reason why I term this hobby as “mall tour”! Call me meticulous, but I would rather exhaust all my energies to buy the “it” item than spend sleepless nights for the rest of my life thinking, “Sayang, wala na… I really should have bought that thing last week!” 😉

I don’t have to explain my last paragraph… I will let you do the analysis on this one! 🙂

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  1. September 18, 2007 12:10 pm

    wala na nga “SIYA” e… wala na! tantanan na!…

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