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My Best Dates So Far…

September 8, 2007

Every night, my mom and I have our mother-and-daughter chat during dinner. I would usually update her on things happened to me at the office and she’d do the same for me. Well, since she’s a stay-at-home mom, she would always tell me house-related matters, teleserye updates (Filipino, Korean, Spanish, name it!) and of course, neighborhood-happenings a.k.a. tsismis! Hahaha!

I have always been open to sharing all my personal experiences to my mom. She knows a lot of personal stuff about me… all the men in my life (mga tatlo lang naman ito so it’s easy to talk about, hahaha!), happy escapades, bitter moments, sad experiences. There are certain "things" though that I tend to keep to myself as I feel they are "too personal". Shhhh, don’t you dare tell my mom na I’m keeping secrets from her, huh?! 🙂

I really can’t remember how our conversation the other night started and transpired to discussing my best dates. I just found myself enumerating the most romantic dates that I have ever experienced. Our discussion instantly took me down memory lane and is still keeping me on a light mood up to now. And so, here I am again, blogging my thoughts out and wanted to share my best dates so far. Don’t worry, short list lang ito.

  • Tia Maria’s Restaurant, Greenbelt (sometime 1996). A close friend invited me to dinner to celebrate a very special accomplishment that he achieved. At that time, Tia Maria was still a fine-dining resto so I really felt previleged and special for having been taken to such place. It was a very simple date, yet I can vividly remember all the details… from the food we ate to the conversations we had. But the one thing that made me earmark this date to my mind was that very romantic thing my friend did. He asked the in-house musicians to serenade me. He requested for the song "Forevermore" as he knew that I’m a die-hard Side A fanatic. Unfortunately, that song was not in their line up. So, my friend requested for "My Girl" instead. We can both relate to the song as we watched the movie (of the same title) together. Haaaay, nakaka-panlambot tuhod talaga! Feeling long hair talaga ako at that time… literally and figuratively speaking! Sayang, a kiss could have made this date complete!
  • Tony Roma’s Restaurant, Glorietta 4 (May 30, 2002). A good friend took me to this resto as a belated birthday gift. I wasn’t really expecting for a Tony Roma’s-treat but he told me that I deserve much more expensive resto than Tony Roma’s. Hmp, bolero noh?! Eh Jollibee lang ok na ako! Hahaha! Anyways, another special thing happened with this date. As you know, Tony Roma’s has this dim-lighted-perfect-for-romantic-dates atmosphere. We were seated near the glass walls with a great view of the Glorietta fountain/park. In the middle of our conversation, fireworks suddenly popped out in the sky… literally! It was Makati Day pala! The fireworks display was spectacular. It lasted for like 15 to 20 minutes. We both stopped talking and simply watched the colorful lights in the sky. I felt like it was one of those movie-kilig moments… scenes we usually see in Aga Muhlach films! Again, a kiss could have made this date complete!
  • Nurture Day Spa, Tagaytay (April 24, 2004). This was a birthday gift from a very "special" friend. I have been to this place already but I really wanted to share some moments with him in that serene and relaxing place on my special day. We had our reservations arranged weeks before my birthday… the package included a 1-hour Shaitzu massage, set of scrumptious lunch, unlimited day-access to the place and a 4-hour stay in one of the cottages. Oooops, don’t think of dirty thoughts huh?! We just slept in the cottage! 🙂 Unlike those first two dates I mentioned, nothing spectacular happened with this one. The only thing special about this day-at-the-spa date is the person I was with. And yes, it was a complete date for me… guess, what made it complete??? Okay, you can now run some naughty thoughts! Hahaha!

There are some much simpler dates that are also nice to think of and make me smile whenever I remember them. Those lots of tunganga moments in various places in Tagaytay like Taal Vista, Viewpoint, Residence Inn (patulan ba pati zoo?:-)) and Caleruega. Of course, what makes it more special to remember are the holding-hands sessions while having endless-talks-on-things-under-the-sun.

There is also this one fun date I had with a friend. It was just a simple let’s-have-dinner-meet-up followed by a Baywalk-bar-hopping session. We were having this "okay" time together until an old fat lady approached and offered us "hula". I don’t really believe in "hula" but it was really fun. Manang Manghuhula even told us that we would end up together… funny, di ba?! Sayang, din ito, it could have been complete with a kiss… from Manang Manghuhula, Hahaha!

Other dates are some kinda blur to me and some are kadiri that it makes me go "Eeeewwww!" everytime they cross my mind.

I once told a friend that I don’t call all my going-out-with-the-opposite-sex sessions as "date". I really didn’t know how to defend my statement then, but I now have the answers. Here are my top 3 requirements:

  • The guy would pick me up from our house and take me back home… with his own car, of course! Demanding ko noh?! Hehehe!
  • The guy pays for the bill! Although I would always offer to pay for my share… pero kunwari lang yun! Pakitang tao lang! Hahaha!
  • We are both into each other… or more like, may pagnanasa ako sa kanya! Hahaha!

So, what now is my idea of a date? I’m way past that know-each-other-over-dinner, movie-watching-followed-by-a-stroll-at-the-mall or HHWWPSSP-along-Baywalk stage. I think, going out-of-town would really be a more fun thing to do… and the beach would be a perfect venue! All I need is an SMS advise… naka-impake na kaya yung mga 2-pc swimsuits ko noh?! 😉

Hey, you don’t have to squeal these things to my mom for she knows every detail of it already. And guess what? She’s eagerly looking forward for my next date to happen! My gulay, kelan naman kaya yun?! 🙂

P.S. On my last post re: sadness, I’m ok now! It was just a small drama that I needed to let out. 🙂

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  1. September 17, 2007 2:51 pm

    E ‘yung mga dates (as in plural) natin bakit hindi kasama sa list? Ha ha ha.. Asa pa! Wink! c”,)

  2. September 18, 2007 8:53 am

    Ano ka ba Jhoen?! Kasama yun dito sa blog ko noh?! Yan yung mga dates that make me go “Eeeewwwww!”… ikaw nga lang tinutukoy ko dun eh! Bwahahaha! Joke lang, fwend! Wuv yah!

    Glad to know you safely back in Roma! Kiss Papa for moi! Hehehe!

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