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The Power of the Charmed Ones

July 13, 2007

I am currently doing a DVD marathon of one of my favorite television series, Charmed. When it started airing in 1999 in a local channel, I instantly got hooked simply because I liked watching Shannen Doherty as I used to see her in another Aaron Spelling-TV series, Beverly Hills 90210. Based on some write-ups about Shannen, she has this bitchy attitude that the late Aaron Spelling had to kick her out in both TV series. Hey, I didn’t like her for that huh?! I just find her pretty, that’s all!

Anyways, let’s go back to Charmed. I’m not into witchcraft nor believe in such thing. The storyline really tickled my interest… plus the outfits of the Halliwell sisters are too darn hot and sexy that made me think of wanting to be a witch if modern-day witches look like them.

Just a brief overview, Charmed is about this 3 sisters, the Halliwell Charmed4sisters, who came from a long line of family of witches. Prudence (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) got reunited and unlocked all their powers to become the most powerful witches the world has ever known.

Each of the Halliwell sisters has a special power. Prue, the eldest sister, can move things with her mind and later on discovered that she could astro-project. Piper, the middle sister, can freeze time by just waving her hands.  Phoebe, the free-spirited youngest sister, can see the future with her premonition power.

So, what if I have all their powers? The storyline suggests that the powers of the Charmed Ones are not to be used for personal gain. But what the heck! This is my storyline now and I will use them the way I want to! LOL!

The Power of the Mind. Prue can move objects with her mind so if I were Prudence, I would use my power to do household chores while doing fun things… otherwise known as ‘multi-tasking’. Here are some of my ‘multi-tasking’ ideas (my Mom would be happy for these):

  • Sing karaoke while doing the laundry. So, no more running to and from the wash area just to sing karaoke while waiting for the washing machine to finish spinning the laundry. Plus, no wet hands for me! LOL!
  • Watch TV while cleaning the house. I can just wink at the broom or feather duster to do the cleaning for me as I sit like a couch potato and watch all the movies/shows in HBO, Star Movies, Disney Channel and Lifestyle Network.
  • Surf the net while washing the dishes. I really hate washing the dishes so I always keep myself busy surfing the net. At least I have a valid excuse for not having my hands wet. Salbahe noh?!

The Power to Freeze. Piper can freeze time whenever she wave her hands. I think this power will be very handy for me. So, here are my ideas on how to use this power for my own benefit:

  • Save my daily work attendance. I’m not a morning person so I always wake up late. And no matter how early (or late) I wake up, I always find myself rushing every morning to beat my 8:30 a.m. time-in. I wish I could just wave my hand to stop the time and spare me from my daily marathon-while-in-my-3-inch-heels dilemma.
  • Stare at a date… if he’s too attractive! I had a couple of dates before but I never had a grand time to "really" look at them… simply because I think it’s not nice to stare and I don’t want to give them the pleasure to feel that I am into them. If I have the power to freeze time, I wouldn’t think twice to use it on them. Bakit ba? Gusto ko lang naman tumitig sa guapo, ah! Masama ba?! Hehehe!

The Power of Premonition. Phoebe can see the future whenever she touches a person or a thing. This allows her to prevent future misfortunes to happen. This power can be very useful for gamblers as it can be used to see the winning Lotto numbers… or even the amount inside the briefcase on Deal or No Deal! Isn’t it, Banker?! LOL! But since gambling is not my line, I think I would have more fun using the premonition power with these:

  • See my own future. I don’t need to seek the help of some lame fortune tellers just to check if I’ll get married in the future… or probably stay single for the rest of my life… or be a single mom (And who the heck is the father of that child?! Hahaha!).
  • See people reactions. If I could know how people would react on some tactless words or nasty things, the world would be a better place. There would be less misunderstanding.

There are a lot more things I want to write, but I need to log off now to continue my Charmed-marathon.

Since I do not have the ‘charmed’ powers of the Halliwell sisters, I guess I’ll just have to rely on my own charms to do my thing and get all the things I want. Besides, a Fil-Am guy I dated some years ago told me that I have this stare (I think the right term was "sexy" stare! Ehem! Ehem!) that can make people (or rather guys) submissive to me.

And oh… one of these days, I’ll have this triquetra tattooed at my lower back as I find this sign sexy and captivating!… pero henna lang ha! LOL!


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  1. August 29, 2007 3:54 pm

    i love this show too. i catch the reruns every morning before i sleep! piper is my favorite of all, although i think they are all beautiful. i think rose mcgowan was a wonderful addition to the show. no complaints on more eye candy. aside from the supernatural theme of the show which i love, the show’s oozing sex appeal is fantastic.

  2. sherry permalink
    March 18, 2011 2:10 am

    I love the charmed show. I so hope you will do a DVD marathon of all the shows from beginning to end. I would love better if you could do a get together with everyone and do more shows. One can always hope. I also watch your reruns every morning I can, since my illness sometimes it can be hard. Thanks for a wonderful show.

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