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Back To My Old Liberating Habit

July 1, 2007

After my product orientation stint yesterday in Malolos, Bulacan, I requested our company driver to drop me off to Glorietta since I wanted to unwind a bit after a long, tiring day. As I was strolling the alleys of Glorietta, I suddenly felt the urge to watch a movie. Transformers, of course! What else is worth watching these days?!

It’s been a long while since I last watched a movie alone as I used to tag my mom or a friend along these past few months (or years, I suppose!). Transformers is something that wouldn’t interest my mom as she did not watch the animated series with me when I was younger. So I really did not opt to take her to that movie. I did invite a friend but kinda begged off as he has previous engagement. Well, I guess, it was a sign for me to head the movie house alone! LOL!

Getting a movie pass was so much of a hurdle as the Glorietta 4 cinema lobby was jam-packed with Transformers fanatics and movie addicts like me. The crowd was overwhelming! But it did not stop me from falling in line for the movie pass. Besides, I have my cellphone and iPod to keep me company me all-throughout that time-consuming-buy-a-precious-movie-ticket experience.

As soon as I got my movie pass, I immediately handed it to the guard. While checking my bag, the guard asked, “Wala po kayong kasama, ma’am?” Of course, my sungit nature clouded my answer. “Eh kelangan bang may kasama ‘pag nanonood ng sine?” (Haaaay, magbiro na kasi sa lasing ‘wag lang sa matandang dalaga! Hahaha!)

In fairness to the guard, I guess he find it kinda weird for a female movie-goer to see a sci-fi action film alone… so mukha pa rin akong babae kung ganun! LOL! Well, he should have seen me watched Dare Devil! That film was too darn dark! 🙂

I really wanted to try this liberating experience of watching movies alone. I can still remember the first time I did this. I started it off with an animated film, Cinderella! (Very challenging huh?!). I thought it would be safe for me as most of the movie-goers are children with, of course, pop-and-mom. I kinda liked the experience and so it became a habit.

Watching alone is such a relaxing experience for me. I can watch any movie I want without thinking if my companion liked the film as much as a I did. It lets me do things I want at my own pace and time… and I don’t have to depend on friends’ availability. Well, of course, I’m also cautious of possible things that could happen. I’m always wary of those “bad guys” who do “bad things” inside the movie house. And I tell you, I’ve my share of experiences. Still, it did not stop me from going to the movie house alone.

But when I started working, I was able to find 3 regular moviemates. These guys stopped me from my habit. When I got into a relationship 3 years ago (yes, naka-boyfriend ako! di ko lang ipinagsabi! hehehe!), my then-BF forbid me to watch movies alone. Since I’m a good GF, I simply obeyed 🙂 They all convinced me to end my liberating habit.

Well, thanks to Transformers! I’m now back to my movie-watching independence.

Transformers is such a great movie. I was overly amazed as it was aesthetically done… there were some scenes though that made me say, “Duh?! You can take that girl in blue dress out of the scene!” But generally, I truly enjoyed watching the film… without the company of anyone.

I look forward to watching alone again… but I guess not with the next installment of Harry Potter. My mom volunteered to pay for the movie tickets. She doesn’t want to miss it daw. Sayang, libre ito! LOL!








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  1. July 5, 2007 8:51 am

    Siyempre, una ako!…

    I almost fell from my seat laughing to: “(Haaaay, magbiro na kasi sa lasing ‘wag lang sa matandang dalaga! Hahaha!)”. Panalo ka naman hija!

    Sino nagsabi sa ‘yong hindi ko papatulan itong blog mo re:Transformers? E isa rin akong adik noong mga panahong iyon na inaabangan ito sa IBC13 (Tama ba? he he). Fan yata ito ni ‘Optimus Prime’ na pangunahing bida ng mga Autobots laban sa mga kalabang Decepticons. (wow… parang tunay!)

    Subalit dahil mahal ng sine dito sa Europa, hintayin ko na lang ang aking pag-uwi sa ika-19 ng Hulyo diyan sa ‘Pinas. Siguro naman aabutan ko pa siya ‘no? Nood ka ulit! Libre mo ‘ko!
    At least, ‘pag nanood tayo ulit sa G4, iba na ang tatanungin sa ‘yo ng guard: “Ma’am, BF niyo po?!”… Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt???

    ‘Til next blog. CIAO!

  2. July 6, 2007 4:55 am

    Excuse me Jhoen, di kaya ikaw ang nauna sa comment noh! Si Major Jaime! Kaso nasa wrong blog! Hahaha!

    Hay naku, super willing akong ulit-ulitin ang Transformers noh! Kaso I don’t think ganyan ang itatanong sa akin ng guard… baka sitahin ako at sabihin, “Ma’am, no pets allowed!” Bwahahahaha!!!!

    Sure, I would gladly watch it again with you, my dear friend! Sagot ko sine. Pero sagot mo pagkain… sa Italliani’s tayo ha! Hehehe!

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