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Never Say That Someone Completes You

June 22, 2007

Never say that someone completes you. We have to feel whole even we are by ourselves, for needing a certain person is not love but dependency. Wanting a person to become a part of our life is the best reason for having them. And you can only have enough. So rather than search for that someone who will complete you, wait for the person who will complement your completeness.”

This quote was sent by a friend through SMS yesterday. At first, I did not pay much attention as it was too long. I thought it was just another text greetings that I receive every morning. I was able to really read the message during my inbox-cleaning-time… then I thought, this message is nice.

This message is true… very true for me!

A suitor once told me that his life wouldn’t be complete without me. Yes, you read it right! Once in my life, someone dared to court me! Hahaha! But that statement, for me, is just a lousy crap! I instantly thought that he wasn’t for me… he doesn’t deserve to be loved for he needs to fill an empty part of him. I felt so sorry for that guy!

I always believe that it’s important for a person to be happy, contented and complete before he/she share himself/herself to another person. Filling an empty part of one’s self is not the answer to happiness… it’s not the answer to being complete.

The quote also reminded me of this Jennifer Aniston film (can’t remember the title but it has something to do with the old film Mrs. Robinsons). Mark Ruffalo, Jen’s fiance in the film, told her something like this, “Of course I can live my life without you… but I just don’t want to.” Sound mushy eh! But this simple statement brought a whole new meaning to the word L-O-V-E. It simply sends the message that love or having a relationship is not just about emotions… but more of a decision… a commitment to embrace another person into our lives.

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