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On Mother’s Day…

May 13, 2007

Although I believe that Mother’s Day should be a daily thing, I’m really glad Anna Maria Reeves Jarvis made a day specially for mommies. On this day, we all have the opportunity to give back the love to this very person we care for more than anyone in this world… the one outstanding woman in our lives who relentlessly shared her love not only to us but also to those we love.


For those who know me well, you may agree if I say that my mom is my greatest wealth. Despite the “big” age gap, my mom has managed to keep a unique mother-and-daughter bonding that anyone could ever imagine. She brought me up well that we treat each other not as just mother and daughter but more of “bestfriends”. When I was younger (actually, so muuuch younger!), my mom once told me that she fears of me getting older… that when I turn 20, she’d be in her early 60s. And by that time comes, she could no longer relate to what I am up to.


But she was dead wrong!  That thing never happened. Our friendship was much stronger than that age gap she feared from. I even confirmed that when we were in Hongkong last year. I saw her enjoyed Disney as much as I did! It was one of the most fulfilling and fun trip for the both of us!


Just like other sons and daughters, I spent the entire Mother’s Day with my mom. We just dined out, watched a movie, strolled in the mall and bought some stuff. These are ordinary routines we do on ordinary weekends. But yesterday was different as it was for her and her’s alone! Again, it wasn’t grand… but it was definitely worth the time. As Mastercard would coin it: “The bonding moment was PRICELESS!”

Yesterday, I also had the opportunity to greet all my female friends… the women I look up to… the women I admire for bringing a good meaning to the word “motherhood”! I hope that they felt all the extra-ordinary love that they truly deserve.

And to all my equally-single friends, I also give tribute to your moms. I extend them my prayer and wishes of peace, love and good health.

God bless all the moms!

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  1. May 15, 2007 1:37 pm

    Mabuhay ang mga nanay!

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